Read Your 2018 Psych Holiday Horoscopes!

We’re happy to report that our 2017 Psych Holiday Horoscopes were dead on, because... of course. We had a not-so-secret weapon read the room and rock the predications. You may know him: strong hairline with piercing eyes blue or green or maybe brown and a psychic antenna stronger than your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Yep. That guy. And here’s the better news: we got him again.

Purge Horror-Scopes: How The Purge Will Affect Every Sign in the Zodiac

Another Purge Night is upon us, and you probably have some feelings about it. If you haven’t already, try looking to the sky and planning your Purge Night in accordance with the movements and interactions of celestial bodies. Let them guide you this perilous evening, when the possibilities are endless. 

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