Twitter Reacts as Kaci Refuses to Watch Evan and Morgan's Hookup

If Kaci was worried about her relationship last Tuesday, this week's episode of Temptation Island was confirmation that her ultimatum to Evan backfired. It was a heart-wrenching bonfire, as Kaci was forced to confront Evan and Morgan's budding romance -- including confirmation that they were up to more than just kissing... But, while the Morgan-Evan-Kaci triangle generated the most chatter this week, that wasn't the only thing that had viewers tweeting!

6 Reasons a Pineapple Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Psych Holiday Pro Tip: the King of Fruits is also this year’s King of Holiday Gifts. It’s colorful, pretty, maybe a little spiky, but packed with delicious flavor and ready to be sliced up for the road. Give one to your Secret Santa this year. If they don’t like it, they can suck iiiiiiiiit, because the pineapple is 2018’s must-have holiday must-have. Here’s why!

The 7 Stages of a Louis Litt Meltdown

In some ways, wildly contrasting emotions are a hallmark of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). The Suits character has a tough mind and a big heart, which means he’ll do just about anything to defend the people he cares about -- and, often, those big swings lead to a Louis Litt-level meltdown. Here are some emotionally tangled moments in the Seven Stages of Louis we'd like to unpack.

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