The Reunion

Temptation Island The Reunion

Four couples came to Temptation Island to get a clearer picture of their relationship and to grow as individuals. Months after their transformative experiences on the island, they reunite in Los Angeles, joined by host Mark L Walberg and the singles with whom they formed romantic connections, to rehash everything that happened during and since. The only conspicuous absence is Casey, who didn’t make the trip from Florida.

Kate and David

The Final Bonfire Part 2

Temptation Island The Final Bonfire Part 2

Last episode, we saw the first final bonfire action of the season; Rick and Ashley G smoothed things over and decided to leave the island together, while Kate tore into David for his transgressions. This episode, we see the conclusion of Kate and David’s bonfire before turning to Gavin and Esonica, then Ashley H and Casey.

Everyone has three options: leave together, leave alone, or leave with someone else. But as we learn this episode, it’s not always that simple.

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