Against All Odds


A high-priced lawyer is discovered murdered in his home. While Flynn and Vega work the case, Manny is arrested for vandalism.

A high-priced lawyer is discovered murdered in his home, the apparent victim of a burglary gone awry. A million dollar life insurance policy payout gives the victim’s wife motive, but Flynn (Kristin Lehman) is not biting. While she works the case, her son Manny (Cameron Bright) is arrested for vandalism, forcing her to apply some tough love on the home front. 

Officer of the Year

It’s the week of the annual Policeman’s Ball, which thanks to Mark, Emma has been asked to plan. The two walk through the ballroom, discussing the night. Wanting to spend  a little more time with Emma, Mark offers his help setting up… but to his surprise, Rabbi Dan pops up at her side, already on the job. 

Knotty Pine

Struggling to be best friends with Mark’s wife, Tina, Maggie and Emma agree to attend a ladies-only wood-working class with her. It’s there they meet Buck Finch, the over-sexual master craftsman teaching the class. Every woman in class is a hot-mess for Buck, but Maggie and Emma aren’t sold, especially when they discover Buck has taken a special interest in Tina!

Cashmere Burka

Continuing her personal “Gwenaissance,” Emma’s mom, Gwen, asks Maggie to direct a play she’s written based on her life, titled Cashmere Burka. Determined to have Emma as the lead, Maggie threatens to offer it to Tina, quickly convincing Emma to take the role. Emma assures Maggie this play will be a disaster, as Gwen will stop at nothing to manipulate and terrorize those she loves, but Maggie defends that her relationship with Gwen is different. 


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