Raw Deal


Detectives Flynn (KRISTIN LEHMAN) and Vega (LOUIS FERREIRA) investigate a suspected suicide victim who may have had some unwelcome help ending his life. The victim had been methodically looking for someone prior to his death and finding out who that person is will lead the detectives to the motive. But Angie’s focus is compromised when charismatic Sergeant Mark Cross (WARREN CHRISTIE) joins the team as the new Commander. He and Angie share a mysterious past but she’s not about to reveal any details. 



A femme fatale is the lynch pin in a fools game that leads to murder.

A customs officer murders a limo driver, and Detectives Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Vega’s (Louis Ferreira) search for a link between the killer and the victim leads them to a waitress at a dockside café. This femme fatale leads her unsuspecting prey to steal, lie, and ultimately commit murder, all in the supposed name of love. 


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