Ride The Dragon

Playing House

It’s almost time for Ladies’ Craft Night, but since the evening of ceramic owl painting will fall right after Emma’s third chemo treatment, Maggie is thinking she’ll cancel. Emma assures Maggie that she’ll be fine watching movies in bed, but Maggie isn’t feeling great about that — until Zach, recently returned from a trip to Greece with a cooler of sardines and some ancient wisdom, offers to take care of Emma.

You Wanna Roll With This?

Playing House

Now that Emma’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, her next move is an appointment with star oncologist Dr. Leslie Rollins. As Emma stresses out about what outfit to wear to her first appointment, Maggie does her best to talk Emma down (and away from any berets) by assuring her that Dr. Rollins is the best there is — she’s even been on Oprah, after all.

Paging Doctor Yes Please

Playing House

While visiting Maggie at the hospital, Emma gets her first peek at Dr. Ericson, who’s stopped by the nurse’s desk to ask Maggie a favor: he’s agreed to be part of a promotional video for the hospital about the nursing program, and was hoping Maggie would appear in it with him. Naturally, she quickly agrees. Emma, who’s been spying on the whole exchange, senses a mutual attraction, but Maggie is still playing coy and assures Emma that she and Dr. Popsicle have an exclusively professional relationship.

Cookie Jar

Playing House

Maggie (Lennon Parham) and Emma (Jessica St. Clair) are learning self defense from an intimidatingly awesome instructor named Cookie (Lauren Weedman), and while Maggie’s fierce moves are so impressive she scores an invitation to join Cookie’s class for elite students, Emma is warned that she’s a danger to herself and should forget everything she has learned immediately. Not a problem, Cooks. 


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