Tuesday the 17th

One of Shawn and Gus' old camp buddies, Jason Cunningham, comes to them for help. He bought Camp Tikihama and is planning to reopen it, but one of his counselors has gone missing. Shawn, who was less friendly with Jason than Gus was, suggests he contact the authorities. But Jason explains that he's not positive anything has actually happened to her. Annie is mostly a loner who often goes off on her own. And involving the authorities would invite possibly unnecessary negative press that might kill the camp before it's even open.

Truer Lies

Shawn and Gus are at the police station when the cops bring in Ryan Bainsworth for murder.  Ryan's hands are covered in blood but he insists he's innocent.  Juliet tells them they've arrested Lyin' Ryan, a notorious compulsive liar who has called in countless tips only to lead the cops on wild goose chases.  It looks like this time Ryan actually committed a crime himself.  Shawn and Gus follow Juliet to the observation room, where they listen to Lassiter questioning Ryan on the murder of his super in his apartment.  Ryan claims that he asked his super to fix his disposal after clogging it w

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Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus down to the station.  Shawn asks if he's finally getting an official cop badge but instead he is told that a severed foot was found by hikers on a trail near Lake Cachuma.  The foot was in plain sight, so the cops believe it was meant to be found.  They may have a murder on their hands and they need Shawn to psychically figure out to whom the foot belongs.  From scars and other identifiers, Shawn and Gus deduce that the foot belongs to Vlad Alexavic, the pro-kicker for the Thunderbirds.  He always kicks without a shoe and hasn't been at training camp, supposed

Earth, Wind and... Wait for it

Arson Inspector Morgan Conrad has come to the police for help.  A building burned down under what she believes is suspicious circumstances but, since the fire superficially appears to be accidental, she is getting no support from her department.  Shawn and Gus, who used to want to be firemen when they grew up, volunteer their assistance.  Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet go with Morgan to the scene where they run into her boss, Army Johnson, who tells them that the building had no fire insurance, so there is no motive for arson.  Plus, arson is so rare, he hasn't seen a case since way back t

Six Feet Under the Sea

Shawn is annoyed when he learns Gus tricked him into attending a funeral for a sea lion.  But Gus protests that Shabby isn't any sea lion.  His story of being rescued and rehabilitated is famous, so much so that Randy Labayda of Animal Planet fame, who just released Shabby back into the wild, is giving the eulogy.  When Shawn goes up to pay his respects to Shabby's open casket, he notices a strange hole in his flipper and tells Gus he thinks Shabby was murdered.  April McCarthur, an official looking woman wearing an aquarium pin, overhears Shawn and promptly asks them both to follow her out

Christmas Joy

Eight-year-old Brittany comes into the Psych office in desperate need of help.  She wants to hire Shawn and Gus to get Santa out of jail.  She saw him being arrested at the mall and they need to get him out by Christmas Eve so he can deliver all the presents.  She is so distraught that they agree to look into it as soon as they stop by the Gusters' to see Gus' big sister Joy, who has come home for the holidays.  Gus is excited to see her but Shawn's feelings are mixed.  He and Joy had a secret one-time fling and he doesn't want history to repeat itself behind his best friend's back.  But Jo

Gus Walks into a Bank

Gus leaves Shawn waiting in the car while he goes inside a bank to make a deposit.  He's only in there a few minutes before a woman spots a gun in the jacket pocket of another customer.  She screams and the man is forced to pull out his weapon and take everyone in the bank hostage.  One of the tellers hits the silent alarm button, bringing the cops screeching up outside the bank next to Shawn, who is unaware of what has just transpired inside.  When Lassiter and Juliet inform him of the situation, Shawn is immediately worried for Gus.  The cops quickly set up a command center and are able t

Talk Derby to Me

Vick calls Shawn and Gus in after a group of fast moving and highly organized thieves pull a smash and grab robbery at a department store.  It is the third such hit in a month and the cops have no leads.  Gus is a little distracted.  He's studying for his pharmaceutical rep recertification exam and is annoyed when some green goo from the store ends up on his study guide.  As soon as Shawn takes a look at the security tapes, he knows immediately that the perpetrators were women.  On the way out of the store, he sees skid marks across the floor and puts it together - the thieves are roller de

There Might Be Blood

After Safety Inspector Butch Hicks falls to his death off an offshore oil rig, Chief Vick enlists Shawn and Gus' help with the case.  As she takes them out to the crime scene on the police boat, she tells them they received an anonymous tip that something highly unsafe was happening on the rig and the caller was risking his life to warn them.  When Shawn and Gus ask why she didn't enlist help from her detectives or the Coast Guard, she tells them they are working more in an unofficial capacity.  Just then, they are pulled over by the Coast Guard, whose commander, Barbara Dunbar, questions V


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