Going Solo

The Biggest Loser Going Solo

Things just got real. After Megan (gasp!) was eliminated last week, there are six contestants left—and no more teams. Everyone is wearing the same uniform now. That means they also have to hold themselves that much more accountable for every minute, every rep, every calorie, every challenge, every pound if they intend to stay any longer. Just when you think they’ve been pushed to the brink, think again. This burn is going to turn into an inferno.

Diving In

The Biggest Loser Diving In

The contestants have had to face the sobering reality that how hard you push doesn’t always show up on the scale. Bob has seen one pound. Bob has seen zero pounds. After so many seasons as a trainer and now the host of The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper has seen just about everything when it comes to losing weight. He tells everyone that stagnating numbers are normal at this phase.

Messages From Home

The Biggest Loser Messages From Home

When Kristi says last episode’s elimination was an “emotional roller coaster,” she wasn’t kidding. True that Dom admitted he only gave 90%. That might have been the last thing his team wanted to hear, but they admit to each other that no one always gives a hundred. The roller coaster is only going to pick up speed as the contestants reconnect with family, talk openly about their struggles to each other, and face a weigh-in that has everyone shocked.

Supporting The Team

The Biggest Loser Supporting The Team

Last week, the Red Team suffered a crushing defeat by losing Phi, whose big personality kept them going. Self-defeating Dom had apparently discovered too little confidence too late. He ended up cheating the yellow line—but just barely. The team can’t dwell on that when even more daunting challenges lie ahead of them. What can top a mud race that involves pushing 150-pound tires to the finish line? Mud can be a beast, but there will be more heavy lifting before this episode is over. 

Another candle on Kim’s cake

Time for Change

The Biggest Loser Time For Change Season 1 Episode 1

The Biggest Loser is a transformative show if there ever was one. All of the sweating and squatting means big changes at the scale – but this show is about so much more than weight loss. Biggest Loser legend Bob Harper is back as host and you’ll still find him being a positive force in and out of the gym. Joining him are two new trainers, Steve Cook and Erica Lugo, who are going to take 12 new contestants through the most incredible weight-loss journey ever. (By the way, there will be a mud race this season.)

Things get real 


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