The Biggest Loser Finale

And then there were three. However much of a warrior Teri showed she was, attacking the rowing machine and the assault bike as if she didn’t have an injury, an unexpected plateau in her weight loss meant elimination. It’s down to Micah, Jim and Kyle. Now that they’re going to tough it out at home until the finale, will they will hold up in the face of temptation?

By the way, everyone who got eliminated is coming back for one final weigh-in. Don’t forget that the at-home prize is still at stake. 

Final Four

The Biggest Loser Final Four

So this is it. 

With the loss of an incredible amount of weight (Jim is literally five pounds away from a hundred), the contestants can only look ahead even though they’ve lost Kristi. Kyle was right on the edge of that red line until she stepped on the scale, and you know how weigh-ins just keep getting scarier? Micah has just come off being told that it would have been him going home if he hadn’t had that one-pound advantage. He’s still feeling the burn after that.


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