Wait? Humans Can Control Drones? Yes, They Can And We Explain


In the thrilling (almost) ambush of Will (Josh Holloway), Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Broussard (Tory Kittles) in "The Garden of Beasts," the trio discover that the Blackjacks are actually able to control the Rap drones. For two seasons, it's always been assumed that the Raps are solely responsible for sending out the flying menaces into the bloc. Now we know that's absolutely not the case.

The 5 Moments from Colony Episode 3 That You Need to See


These are the most exciting moments from the season two episode three of Colony, "Sublimation." Charlie Bowman (Jacob Buster) gets closer to returning home to his family, but his travels come at a high cost. Back at home, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) thinks her days as a free woman are numbered, and Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) makes an old acquaintance in the labor camp.

Our 5 Favorite Things About Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies’ Drone Race


One of the most frightening aspects of USA’s hit show Colony is that the series’ occupying forces retool real-life technology for nefarious purposes. But DR1, the leading drone racing series, visited the Colony set to show that the equipment isn’t always terrifying. Series stars Josh Holloway (who plays Will Bowman) and Sarah Wayne Callies (who plays Katie Bowman) stepped out of character to race drones around the set, providing a lot of laughs in the process. Here are our five favorite moments.

Not Science Fiction: Tips on How to Avoid Drone Surveillance


In modern society, video cameras can record you practically anywhere -- they’re attached to streetlights, monitoring stores and public spaces, and even embedded in computers and cell phones. And while the government (or, in Colony’s case, alien overlords) may not be watching your every move, they do have access to a surprising amount of visual information. But if the abundance of video surveillance gives you pause, don’t worry. There are ways to recognize -- and avoid -- all the peering eyes of Big Brother. Here are some methods. 

The Best 5 Moments From Colony Episode 2 - "A Brave New World"

colony josh holloway

In a high-energy episode, Colony jumps right into the massive struggle between the Resistance and the Occupation, showing the lengths people will go to just to survive. Relive the top five moments from the newest episode of Colony, “A Brave New World,” and ask yourself how you would choose between collaborating or resisting.

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