The Sinner Showrunner Breaks Down the Shocking Season 2 Finale

The season finale of season two of The Sinner revealed some of the most crucial pieces of the Julian  puzzle. Still, there might be some lingering questions in this whydunnit –- or at least some need for clarification  – and showrunner Derek Simonds was good enough to entertain some questions. We’re talking spoilers, so if you have not seen the finale, best to come back later!

Derek Simonds

The Sinner

Derek Simonds is the creator/showrunner of USA Network’s Golden Globe and Emmy-Nominated series The Sinner. The second season is executive produced by Jessica Biel and stars Bill Pullman, Carrie Coon, Natalie Paul and Tracy Letts.

'Sinner' Showrunnner Teases What's In Store for Mason's Character

Cora's mystery may be at the center of The Sinner, but she has left a fair amount of other uncertainties in the wake of her crime. With Cora's family in crisis, USA Network spoke with Sinner showrunner Derek Simonds and also director Antonio Campos to find out what's in store with Christopher Abbot's character, Mason Tannetti, this season. Here's what we learned.

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