Raw Recap: April 24, 2017


What’s a guy gotta do to get through a talk show around here? Chris Jericho’s planned “Highlight Reel” discussion of his United States Title rematch with Kevin Owens — a match that will send him to SmackDown LIVE if he wins, for what it’s worth — was interrupted not once, but twice, by Superstars looking to take over the proceedings. 

Raw Recap: April 10, 2017


Last week, Finn Bálor made his triumphant return after nearly a year on the injured reserve list. It was awesome. This week, he earned his first singles victory since SummerSlam, defeating the on-a-roll-lately Jinder Mahal in a surprisingly hard-hitting match where the Irish Superstar essentially got punched in the face over and over again.

Raw Recap: April 3, 2017


The Undertaker is gone. Maybe. At least that’s how it appeared following The Phenom’s defeat at WrestleMania last night, when the legendary Superstar left his gloves, hat and duster in the ring and vanished into the void from whence he came.

And while social media has been flooded since his sudden departure with #ThankYouTaker sentiments, Raw opened with an appearance by the Superstar who seemingly sent The Last Outlaw off into the sunset: Roman Reigns.

Raw Recap: March 13, 2017


With his title gone and his former best friend put on notice, Kevin Owens is on the warpath headed to KOMania 2, or, as it’s more colloquially known, WrestleMania 33. And if tonight’s tag team bout was any indication, Owens isn’t out for victory as much as he’s out for punishment. Teaming with Samoa Joe against Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn, the two heavy-hitters were at a surprising disadvantage … at least until Zayn came down bad on a plancha and tweaked his knee. Owens & Joe instantly pounced on Zayn, forcing the ref to throw out the match.


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