A Strange Trip with Nanny Faye

Growing Up Chrisley A Strange Trip with Nanny Fay

Chase, Savannah, and Nanny Faye begin their journey to L.A -- after Savannah figures out how to put the car in rive. What’s a road trip without a few stops along the way? Nanny Faye has a whole list of places she wants to see -- but Savannah and Chase are antsy; they just want to get to their new city! On the home front, Todd and Julie must decide what to do with themselves now that the kids are out of the house.

Nanny Faye’s Adventure

Chase Chrisley

Growing Up Chrisley Chase Chrisley

A mini version of Todd Chrisley and self-declared “mama’s boy,” Chase is always trying to outsmart his dad, which keeps him under Todd’s watchful eye at all times. The 22-year-old has been taking big gambles in hopes of kick-starting his acting career, working on a clothing line and following in Todd’s footsteps with real estate. While living in LA offers a wealth of opportunities, the City of Angels presents temptation at almost every turn.

Chase & Savannah Fly the Nest

Growing Up Chrisley Chase & Savannah Fly The Nest

It’s time for Chase and Savannah to spread their wings and take on the real world! Todd tries to help by signing them up for real estate classes, only to learn that they don’t share his same passion. Chase and Savannah must convince Todd that leaving Nashville is the best way to follow their dreams! But the self-proclaimed “king of real estate” doesn’t buy it and won’t go down without a fight. 

Brunch Bunch


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