Raw Recap: December 19, 2016

WWE Raw Kevin Owens

They fooled you! They fooled all of you! Whatever your personal thoughts on the elaborate ruse Jeri-KO concocted to both keep the WWE Universal Title on Kevin Owens and have him win the match against Roman Reigns at Roadblock: End of the Line, you have to admire its deviousness: After weeks of seemingly teetering on the verge of implosion, the two best friends played their ace in the hole and came to Raw stronger than ever, with championship hardware still in tow.

Raw Recap: October 24, 2016

Brock Lesnar

Raw kicked off Monday with the heist of the century, as Chris Jericho stormed to the ring and demanded the return of his precious “List of Jericho,” which had been pickpocketed by an unknown Superstar. Jericho refused to compete until the List was returned, and even Kevin Owens and Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon couldn’t bring Jericho down to earth when they attempted to calm the six-time World Champion in advance of his and Owens' Triple Threat main event against Seth Rollins.

Raw Recap: July 25, 2016

WWE Raw Balor

The bad news first: Raw’s first show of the New Era began without a heavyweight title to call its own, as Dean Ambrose won the Shield Triple Threat at WWE Battleground and took the WWE Championship with him to SmackDown Live. The good news second: Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and General Manager Mick Foley came prepared by announcing the creation of a new WWE Universal Championship, hot-shotting Seth Rollins into one of the contention spots, and announcing two Raw Fatal 4-Ways to determine his opponent.

Raw Recap: July 4, 2016


On this, surely we can agree: If there is one thing that screams “America,” it’s the right to stockpile enough hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst to cripple a Clydesdale … and then throw it all at your friends, enemies and co-workers. The WWE locker room’s Fourth of July cookout was off to a relatively peaceful start until The Vaudevillains attempted to sing and Aiden English was promptly caked in the face.


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