WWE SmackDown Recap: June 12, 2018

WWE SmackDown

In a thrilling 10-Woman Tag Team Match main event, Asuka made a massive statement heading into WWE Money in the Bank when she defeated SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella just five days before their title match in Chicago, literally putting all eyes of the SmackDown LIVE Women’s division on her.

After taking exception with what Daniel Bryan’s idea of a “hard worker” is on Twitter, Shelton Benjamin looked to prove a point against The Beard tonight on SmackDown LIVE.

WWE SmackDown Recap: May 1, 2018

WWE SmackDown

After receiving another low blow from Shinsuke Nakamura during their WWE Title Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, WWE Champion AJ Styles finally snapped, unleashing an assault on WWE’s Rockstar that continued long after the match ended in a double count-out. Back stateside for Team Blue, Styles was now being asked to “publicly apologize” by The King of Strong Style.


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