El Colgado

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Teresa had to choose between death and escaping with James, so she had no other choice than teaming up with a man she considers a traitor. Well, that “traitor” is really saving her life right now, swerving through the streets of Malta, followed by a caravan of hitmen armed with machine guns aiming at Teresa. He runs like a real speed racer and manages to escape with her! 

La Ultima Hora Mata

Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 13

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

El Santo’s warning

El Santo’s little angel has found Teresa in Texas. Her mission is making Teresa pay the money she owes the Bolivian drug lord. With a dying man hanging from a pole, the demonic girl says, “This is what happens to those who don’t obey El Santo’s will.” Then she gives Teresa only a few hours to fulfill her compromise.

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