Don't Tell Bill

Falling Water Don't Tell Bill

A young boy -- blue-eyed, blonde, and delicate -- plays at a dripping water fountain behind the counter of an empty Manhattan restaurant. Set to the jazzed pace of a rolling drum and smoky saxophone, he turns from the camera and runs back to the kitchen, pushing through the saloon style doors to find himself in a barren hospital room. The next doorway leads to an early 20th Century apartment, where a woman maternally holds the boy’s hands through a quick swing-around dance. He exits right to find the entryway to a tunnel.


Burton played by David Ajala

Logical, meticulous, and discreet; ex-British SAS officer Burton Mann performs well as a “fixer” for multinational investment firm, Hull-Bedford. When he isn’t making problems disappear, he’s rendezvousing with his mysterious lover, the nameless Woman In Red.

But Burton’s world is turned upside down when his Woman In Red suddenly disappears without a trace. On top of that, when his firm begins brokering a new deal (led by the conniving Woody Hammond), Burton can’t help but sense there’s more to the new arrangement than he was being told.


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