Code Red

The heat is on for Coach while Beth’s anxiety simmers just below the surface. 

“Never take your eye off your girl.”

Beth may be back in her rightful position on top of the pyramid in time for regionals, thanks to Tacy’s overreaching causing RiRi’s head injuries, but she seems to be barely keeping it together otherwise. She’s unable to sleep and when she does she’s having nightmares about Kurtz and losing the support of the squad. And Addy returning her focus back to Coach isn’t exactly helping Beth deal.

The Clock is Ticking


With the bid video completed, Coach and the squad celebrate their success—but they quickly learn that sometimes good things come with a price.

On Top of the World

During the squad’s celebration at Coach’s house for killing it with their bid video, Addy feels so hopeful about her future that she gives Coach her “good luck” Hamsa bracelet, which Beth notices Coach wearing the next day. But luckily for Addy, Beth is more focused on Friday night’s party at the Playland Motel, especially since Addy is game to join.


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