In From The Cold


Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Quayle reveals himself to be more of a pragmatist than an idealist as he sees the tide turning against him and tries to make a deal. But he badly underestimates Will, who now knows Katie was working with the Resistance and protects her without letting on that he’s onto her. Katie’s cell suffers even more losses.

Will Weighs the Risks

98 Seconds

colony geronimo

Geronimo’s Broadcast

“98 Seconds” is all about timing. In the opening scene, we hear the voice of the Resistance, Geronimo, giving a rousing speech over pirated airwaves. He has the timing planned perfectly, so that when the Redhats locate where the transmission is coming from, he’s long gone -- the souvenir card, “I Am Geronimo,” left in his stead. One member of the Bowman family is a big Geronimo fan, and, surprisingly, it’s not Katie. Bram is taping the broadcast and adding it to his archive. 

Bram’s Resistant Streak

The Best 5 Moments From Colony Episode 3 - "98 Seconds"

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This week’s new episode of Colony finds Katie and Will working on their assignments for the Resistance and the Occupation, respectively. It isn’t a slow transition into the action for either one. Right away, both see just how intense this battle already is. Relive the top five moments from the newest episode of Colony.

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