A Real Man

Temptation Island A Real Man

This episode of Temptation Island picks up right where the last one left off—at the ladies bonfire, where Kate has just seen a clip of David in bed with Payton and Samantha. As Kate comes to terms with David’s decision to stray, her housemate Ashley H falls for Ben. Sorry, Deac. 

Post-bonfire: Kate’s shock wears off at the Anything But Clothes party

The Walk of Shame

Temptation Island The Walk of Shame

The last episode of Temptation Island ended with the threesome heard round the world. In this episode, David deals with the aftermath of his blackout party tryst with Samantha and Payton, Casey delights in putting singles in the friend zone, and Deac and Ben worry that they will remain in Ashley H’s friend zone forever. It’s another juicy episode of Temptation Island. Read on to get caught up on the action.

Ménage fallout and date selection

Something's In The Air

Temptation Island Something's In The Air

Between KB and Ashley and David and Toneata, things have already escalated quickly on Temptation Island. Episode 204 makes everything that’s happened so far look modest by comparison. Read on to get caught up on the chaos that is taking Temptation Island by storm. Buckle up.

The post-bonfire fallout

Guilt Ridden

Guilt Ridden

Ashley G. shocked the world on the previous episode of Temptation Island by sleeping with KB… before the first date. In episode 203, Rick attempts to process Ashley’s immediate pivot to straycation mode, two singles go home, the guys villa throws a raucous luau, and Mark hosts another bonfire. Read on to get caught up on Temptation Island.

Rick attempts to process Ashley G and KB’s tryst

The Cuffs Are Off

Temptation Island The Cuffs Are Off

In the season two premiere of Temptation Island, we met the four couples and the 24 singles, and watched the couples part ways. In episode two, the real fun starts. The island hosts its first dates, first  bonfires, and even its first hookup. 

Return To The Villas


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