Game Theory and Mescaline

The latest episode of Briarpatch picks up where the last one left off—with Brattle's henchman hauling off Allegra and Spivey deep into the desert. Allegra now knows it was Gene Colder who killed Felicity. Unfortunately, there's not a lot she can do with this information. Meanwhile, Chief Raytek, Senator Ramirez, and Clyde Brattle continue to plot and carry out self-interested power plays.

Most Likely to Succeed

Briarpatch on USA Network

Walls are closing around Jacob Spivey. Meanwhile, the mystery of the culprit—or culprits—behind the two car bombings remains at the front of Allegra's mind. In this episode of Briarpatch, Spivey's meeting with the Senator goes south, and Allegra helps orchestrate a meeting between him and Brattle. It just so happens that the ideal place for this meeting is her 20th high school reunion.
Allegra and Singe consider bombing suspects

The Most Sinful Mf-er Alive

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Power is out all over San Bonifacio, and it wasn't an accident. Someone blew the transformers at the switching station. Clyde Brattle's crew is about to invade Jake Spivey's mansion, but Brattle is elsewhere. Chaos unfolds across San Bonifacio, and Allegra somehow manages to stay in the middle of everything.
Here's how everything went down in the latest episode of Briarpatch.
Power outage at the brewery

Terrible, Shocking Things

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Things are heating up in San Bonifacio. Aided by Singe, Allegra continues to dig into Felicity’s records in search of clues while she simultaneously presses Spivey for dirt on Clyde Brattle. Meanwhile, Brattle has crossed the Mexican border into Texas. The clock is ticking, and as Allegra learns, answers, clues, and information only beget more questions.


Here’s everything that went down in Briarpatch, Episode 103: 


Andy Greenwald on the Drama, Comedy and Power Suits of Briarpatch

Andy Greenwald Briarpatch USA Network

In an interview with USA Network, showrunner Andy Greenwald spoke about navigating the adaptation of Briarpatch from novel to TV show, utilizing the perspective he developed during his years as a critic, and what it was like working with the show's array of visionary directors and star-studded cast.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Briarpatch on USA Network

The first episode of Briarpatch was book-ended by two car bombings; the first killed the young police officer Felicity Dill, and the second nearly killed her sister, Allegra. In episode two, Allegra works to appease the demands of her boss, a Texas Senator, while also launching her own investigation into Felicity's death. Something is rotten in San Bonifacio, TX.

Allegra regroups following the second car bomb


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