Release The Beast

The Purge Release The Beast

In episode four of The Purge, Lila’s seduction of Jenna continues, to Rick’s chagrin; a distraught Jane leaves the skyscraper and heads out into the city; Miguel continues his search for Penelope, who winds up on the auction block at a grotesque Purge Night carnival. Read our recap to find what chaos found each character this week.

The Rick-Jenna-Lila love triangle heats up

Take What's Yours

The Purge Take What's Yours

They’re saying that, due to the heat, this will be the worst Purge Night ever. Jane suffers a personal security breach and relives some uncomfortable experiences between her and her boss. Rick and Jenna take divergent turns at the Stanton mansion. Miguel experiences firsthand the ludicrous intersection between The Purge and reality television. Penelope’s cult loses another member to The Invisible. 

Alison makes a discovery on Jane’s computer

Let The Purge Begin in Top Moments from The Purge Season 1 Episode 1

The Purge

There is no shortage of action in the first episode of The Purge. Each of the main characters comes face-to-face with violence in one form or another. No one is scarred more than Penelope, who bears witness to a brutal murder that may foreshadow her own. Check out the top moments from The Purge episode 101, “What Is America?


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