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S1 EP8
An ADA who had worked on sex crimes is raped and murdered. The detectives suspect it may have been someone whom she had prosecuted.
S1 EP7
A young boy is raped and murdered in Central Park and the early evidence leads to a convicted sex offender who had recently been released from prison, but he is soon cleared after it becomes clear he is innocent of the crime. However, this does not stop the authorities from attempting to lock him up anyway.
S1 EP5
When a world-traveling author is found dead in a room he rented from an alcoholic woman and her precocious 14-year-old daughter, the detectives are shocked to discover who the murderer is.
S1 EP6
Sophomore Jinx
Benson and Stabler investigate a female student's murder at a local college. When they develop a suspect on the basketball team, they experience resistance from the college, which is trying to preserve its reputation and its chance at an upcoming championship.
S1 EP4
When a young African-American woman is found murdered with a plastic bag over her head, the suspects include a violence-prone cop and an affluent white boyfriend.
S1 EP3
...Or Just Look Like One
When a teen model is murdered and another is left for dead at a hospital emergency room, the team uncovers an insidious drug and sex conspiracy in the world of high fashion.
S1 EP2
A Single Life
When a woman plummets six stories to her death clad only in a slip, the Special Victims Unit is called in to investigate.
S1 EP1
When a taxi driver is brutally murdered, the team discovers that he may have been a vicious Serbian war criminal living in the United States under a False Identity.