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S1 EP7
Everybody Hates Chris

With only one color war remaining, Class Clown Chris knows his best hope for survival is being elected camp counselor, but he doesn’t realize just how badly the guys want him gone. 

S1 EP6
Secret Pact

Returned from banishment for a second time, Geek Girl Melinda tries to spin her pity play as strategic maneuvering, but some, including Michelle the Bodybuilder, see it as being thrown under the bus.

S1 EP5
Pajama Party

The tension in the guys’s camp finally boils over when Class Clown Chris returns from the chopping block for a second time.  Cowboy Cameron tries to mend fences, but for Chris it’s too little, too late. 

S1 EP4
Truth or Dare

Fresh off their first victory, the girls are reinvigorated, while the division in the guys camp continues to deepen. 

S1 EP3
Spin The Bottle

On the heels of Country Girl Erin’s elimination, the next day sees Justin the Hunter and Rachel the Yogi in the counselor spots.  It’s a situation that leaves Military Mike, who enjoys a solid bond with Justin, feeling pretty good.  Meanwhile, Pageant Queen Isis decides to strike back in the prank war with the guys by pulling her own personal panty raid.  Class Clown Chris also has payback on his mind as he toys with the idea of throwing a game to get rid of some of his teammates that Mike’s bad will campaign has turned against him.

S1 EP2
S'more Drama

The guys continue to revel in their week one victory, but when they learn their unanimous decision to send Meghan the Flirt home was marred by a single vote for Mean Girl Lauren, it creates a rift that slowly pushes Class Clown Chris to the outside of the group.

S1 EP1
Welcome To Summer Camp

It’s the first day of Summer Camp, and the mood is electric as the eight girls and eight guys who will take part in this special adventure arrive.  But the campers have only a moment to size each other up before host Mike Hodges breaks the news that this won’t be an ordinary camp experience; this will be a battle of the sexes for a quarter of a million dollars!