S4 EP16
Not Just A Pretty Face
Harvey may have thought he was done with the SEC, but the SEC isn’t done with him. It seems that even though he served up Eric Woodall and Charles Forstman on a silver platter, Sean Cahill hasn’t been able to find the money that proves their illicit partnership. Now, with only five days until the SEC shuts down his investigation, Cahill needs Harvey’s help to make his case or Forstman and Woodall will escape justice.
S4 EP15
Mike and Joe Henderson proudly toast the success of the impending settlement, unaware that the sands of the case are shifting beneath their feet. But with Donna in the hot seat, Harvey tells Mike that there will be no settlement; they’re going to do whatever they have to do in order to get Donna off before the D.A. gets involved. However, when Evan Smith makes it clear that she’s in no mood for deal cutting, a furious Harvey decides to change course and come at Evan with both barrels.
S4 EP14
An unexpected call from Professor Henry Gerard soon leads Mike to a former Liberty Rail employee with a story about faulty sensors in connection to the recent train crash. Firm policy dictates they avoid whistleblower cases for fear of alienating their corporate clients, but Mike’s fervent plea on behalf of the innocent victims of the crash convinces Harvey to make an exception.
S4 EP13
Fork In The Road
As the waves begin to settle in the wake of Louis’s power move, Jessica asks Harvey to make peace with Louis. But as Harvey points out, Louis isn’t going to make peace until he can forgive Mike, and finding a way to make him do that won’t be easy.
S4 EP12
Louis’s ascension through the ranks may be complete, but Jessica still needs him to back the story she fed Jeff Malone about how Litt came to be placed on the wall next to Pearson and Specter. And while Louis may be a name partner, it’s far from clear that he’s ready to be a team player.
S4 EP11
Enough Is Enough
There are no more excuses to be made or lies to be told. Louis knows the truth about Mike, and now he has leverage to get the thing he has wanted for so long: name partnership. Welcome to Pearson, Specter, Litt.
S4 EP10
This Is Rome
Facing the harsh reality of the brutal job market, Louis vows to fight Jessica for the right to keep his clients. Unfortunately, the very by-laws he crafted for the firm stand in his way.
S4 EP9
His betrayal finally laid bare, Louis informs Harvey and Jessica that he plans to do the right thing and confess. But Jessica knows that Sean Cahill is coming for them no matter what, and Louis’s confession will only serve to taint Harvey and Mike’s innocence with the appearance of guilt.
S4 EP8
Mike is back at the firm, and while his return has elicited smiles from old friends, all is not well in the halls of Pearson Hardman. For one thing, Jessica is not pleased to see Mike under her roof again. And for another, Sean Cahill has stepped up his attack, and it’s clear by the search warrant he’s brandishing that he means business.
S4 EP7
We're Done
The bottom looks mighty close for Mike, who is out of a job after losing the fight of his life. What’s worse, Charles Forstman is waving a million-dollar signing bonus under Mike’s nose, and while he’d like to tell the scheming financial titan where he can shove his check, with no other options on the table it looks as though Mike may have to sign on with a man he actively despises.
S4 EP6
Litt The Hell Up
When Jonathan Sidwell calls Mike to his office, the young investment banker assumes his boss has finally uncovered his back stabbing deal with Charles Forstman. But it’s not betrayal Sidwell is interested in; it’s collusion. Sean Cahill is continuing to rattle cages, and Sidwell is pissed, to put it mildly.
S4 EP5
Pound of Flesh
As Rachel becomes increasingly overwhelmed by school and work, as well as her increasing anxiety about her feelings for Logan, Mike’s own worries grow as he looks for a way out of taking Charles Forstman’s money. With a new block of Gillis Industries shares set to hit the market, Mike hopes he can bluff Harvey into backing off. But Harvey sees through his former protégé’s play, and he and Jessica instruct Jeff Malone to find a way around the TRO that is stopping Logan Sanders from bidding on those shares himself, a command that Jeff doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with.
S4 EP4
Seven clients. Seven subpoenas. It seems the Securities and Exchange Commission’s assault has begun in earnest. Jeff and Jessica take the fight to SEC attack dog Sean Cahill, but when new information is revealed that casts Jeff in a dubious light, he may have to put his neck on the line to get the firm out of trouble.
S4 EP3
Two In The Knees
His patience wearing thin, Logan questions whether Harvey has the stomach to hit Mike below the belt, leaving Harvey torn between staying true to his client or true to his friend.
S4 EP2
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
As the battle for Gillis Industries begins in earnest, Mike and Rachel agree to not let work life affect their home life. However, as word gets out about Rachel and Logan’s past, that proves to be easier said than done. When Mike’s clever maneuvering prompts Logan to attempt to buy him out, Harvey worries about what could happen when these two young hotshots take seats on opposite sides of the negotiating table. But while both Mike and Logan claim they can keep things civil, their emotions soon get the better of them.
S4 EP1
One-Two-Three Go...
Judging by his luxe corporate car, sleek new office and his very own “Donna” (a whip smart brunette named Amy), the job at Sidwell Investment Group is looking pretty good on Mike. But while the now-former lawyer is enjoying the perks of his new gig, his altruistic approach to investment banking isn’t impressing a take-no-prisoners guy like Jonathan Sidwell.