S3 EP16
No Way Out
The house of cards Harvey and Mike have built may finally come tumbling down when Mike is taken in for questioning by US Attorney Eric Woodall. It seems that Woodall has got wind of the Hessington settlement, and the tenacious attorney smells blood. But as Woodall soon makes clear, he doesn’t really want Mike; it’s Harvey he’s after, and he’s willing to make a deal with his protégé in order to get him.
S3 EP15
Know When To Fold 'Em
Harvey is caught off guard when an aggressive attorney comes at him with a bogus lawsuit designed to drag a Pearson Specter client through the mud on the eve of their big IPO. Realizing his adversary is using the suit to dig himself out of a mountain of gambling debt, Harvey takes the fight to the card table. But while Harvey may be an expert when it comes to poker, he’s going up against a man with nothing left to lose, and his opponent’s desperate tactics may open a door that will threaten both Harvey and Mike’s futures.
S3 EP14
The members of Pearson Specter are rocked when Louis suffers a heart attack during the closing arguments of his latest case. Faced with his own mortality, the irascible attorney has a moment of clarity and pops the question to Sheila, who happily accepts. But while the big picture is snapping into focus for Louis, the little details may still trip him up.
S3 EP13
Moot Point
With his secret seemingly safe once again, Mike looks for a way to show his appreciation to Harvey. The question is, what do you get for the man who has everything? How about a case against A. Elliot Stemple, the man who beat Harvey three times in moot court back in their Harvard days and has been ducking him ever since. Mike manages to fix it so that Stemple can’t weasel out of another face to face with his old college adversary. But while Stemple may not look like much, the diminutive attorney proves more formidable than he first appears, and Harvey and Mike soon find themselves on the ropes as Stemple winds up for a knockout.
S3 EP12
Yesterday's Gone
After all the near misses and cover ups to keep Mike’s secret safe, his worst fears have finally been realized: Louis knows. And now he’s invited the infamous Professor Henry Gerard to Pearson Specter to out Mike for the fraud that he is. Realizing it will take more than Donna’s smooth talk to get them out of this one, Harvey tells Mike to sit tight while he brings the situation to Jessica’s attention.
S3 EP11
Buried Secrets
With the Hessington Oil case behind them and the firm on the rebound, Harvey and Mike enjoy a few moments of domestic bliss with the ladies in their lives. But while Rachel’s decision to move in with Mike is putting him on cloud nine, Harvey’s situation is, well, complicated. For starters, Scotty wants to know exactly what “I want you in my life” really means. Plus, Jessica is more than a little unhappy that Harvey didn’t tell her about his plan to offer his girlfriend a job. And while she would normally jump at the chance to bring on a partner like Scotty, Harvey’s relationship track record is giving her pause for concern.
S3 EP10
With Scotty and Jessica pulling at both sides of the dissolution agreement and Harvey stuck in the middle, the last thing he needs is the return of an old adversary out for revenge. Imagine his displeasure, then, at learning that Ava Hessington has retained the services of one Travis Tanner. With Ava in no mood to grant any leniency, Tanner quickly gets up to his old tricks in an attempt to drive a wedge between Harvey and Scotty. And Tanner soon reveals the ace up his sleeve - an affidavit signed by Stephen Huntley, attesting to the fact that Scotty knew all about the murders from day one.
S3 EP9
Bad Faith
As dissolution proceedings bring the firm’s issues with trust to the front and center, Harvey makes a bad faith play to tip the scales of the divorce in the favor of the Pearson Spector contingent. But when Scotty comes back to town and asks Harvey for a favor that will affect their piece of the pie, he struggles with the choice to take her at her word.
S3 EP8
As Donna tends to Harvey’s wounds, the bruised attorney promises to make Stephen pay for all he has done. But the truth is that the entire situation is the result of Edward Darby’s misguided attempt to help Ava, and while the managing partner can fire Stephen, it falls on Harvey and Jessica to clean up his mess. So while Mike tries to get Colonel Mariga to come clean about the murders, Harvey attempts to appeal to Cameron’s sense of morality. Of course, Cameron isn’t prepared to give up his fight based on Harvey’s say so – he wants proof.
S3 EP7
She's Mine
Personal and professional waters are further muddied when Harvey interrupts Stephen’s date with Donna to confront him about leading Cameron straight to Colonel Mariga. Meanwhile, having recently learned of Harvey’s deal with Darby, Jessica must put her own conflicted feelings aside so that she can help clean up the mess Stephen created. But when Colonel Mariga reveals that Ava has kept important information from them, Jessica’s anger begins to bubble to the surface.
S3 EP6
The Other Time
Cameron's continuing use of shady tactics on Ava's case brings up memories of why Harvey left the DA's office to work for Jessica. Mike looks back on what cost him his one chance at a degree.
S3 EP5
Shadow Of A Doubt
Seeing a chance to put Ava Hessington’s murder trial to bed, Harvey looks for proof that Cameron Dennis colluded with Tony Gionopolis in his takeover attempt, and teams up with Stephen Huntley to rattle the corporate raider’s cage.
S3 EP4
Conflict of Interest
As the takeover attempt heats up, Louis hopes a public statement from Ava will bolster Hessington Oil’s plummeting stock price; if not, the only logical play will be to have Ava step down. The problem is, Harvey can’t have Ava speaking to the press with a murder trial on the line, and he can’t let Ava lose control of her company if he wants to preserve his deal with Edward Darby. But while Harvey can stop Ava from talking, in order to secure Ava’s seat he must use Darby to trump Jessica, a move that leaves the American managing partner royally pissed.
S3 EP3
Unfinished Business
In the wake of his victory in the Ava Hessington case, Harvey is blindsided when Cameron Dennis returns to arrest Ava for conspiracy to commit murder. It turns out the colonel she admitted to bribing had six people killed after their little “business transaction,” all of whom were opposed to Ava’s oil pipeline. Cameron was ahead of them every step of the way, and there is nothing Harvey can do about it.
S3 EP2
I Want You To Want Me
Harvey must weigh his commitment to his coup when Jessica comes onboard the Ava Hessington case. They soon learn that Cameron Dennis has video footage of Ava and her number 2, Nick Howell, bribing a foreign official, prompting Jessica and Harvey to worry that Ava’s protégé has cut a deal.
S3 EP1
The Arrangement
Two days after Mike and Rachel’s earth shattering tryst, the young associate is racked with anxiety as Rachel tries to process what happened between them, and more importantly, what Mike revealed to her. But if Mike’s relationship with his paralegal love interest is on delicate footing, his bond with his erstwhile mentor is completely on the rocks, and Jessica’s gift to Mike of a new office only serves as a constant reminder of his betrayal. Hoping to make amends, Mike appeals to Harvey’s competitive nature, but Harvey isn’t so eager to forgive, or forget.