S1 EP12
Harvey believes that a man he put away for the murder is innocent. Now, Harvey intends to prove Clifford Danner's innocence because he's come across new evidence that might absolve the wrongly convicted man. But the powers that be at Pearson & Hardman aren't too keen on Harvey representing a convicted murderer, especially since his victim went to a private school where many of the firm's clients send their children.
S1 EP11
Rules of the Game
Harvey runs into an old friend, Cameron Dennis, who reveals to Mike that Harvey used to be his associate as the A.D.A. Mike is shocked because Harvey never told anyone that he was a prosecutor. And when Mike and Rachel look back in the personnel bios, they can't find any mention of Harvey as a prosecutor. Does Harvey have something to hide?
S1 EP10
Shelf Life
It's late, and Mike Ross is rounding first with Jenny at his apartment when Harvey calls from the office. Harvey tells Mike that they have to fire Stan Jacobson, the senior vice president of their client and accounting firm, Dreibach Accounting. Apparently, Jacobson lied on his resume about having gone to business school and having a CPA license. The similarities to Mike's situation aren't lost on him.
S1 EP9
Emerson Petroleum is the defendant in a class action suit that Pearson & Hardman is spearheading. Kenny Verdasco, and 200 other people who attended his high school, have cancer. The lawsuit claims that an old oil well the company owned and operated was positioned under the high school and is the direct cause of the cancer.
S1 EP8
Identity Crisis
Harvey is scheduled to depose a man who is suspected of playing a part in embezzling money from a large non-profit charity that builds houses for the homeless. Louis starts the deposition without him after Harvey finds Jerome Jensen, the CEO of a massive natural gas fracking company, waiting for him in his office. Jensen is one of Pearson & Hardman's biggest clients but he's not there to talk business. He wants Harvey to find out why his 25-year-old daughter needs a fake ID card. Of course, Harvey laterally delegates this headache and distraction to Mike.
S1 EP7
Play The Man
Mike gets to the office late and finds the entire office has congregated for the annual "associate mock trial tournament," a competition for first-year associates. Mike draws tough competition against his office nemesis, Kyle Durant. Kyle will represent the plaintiff in a case about wrongful termination and Mike will be the mock-lawyer for the defense.
S1 EP6
Tricks of the Trade
Harvey Specter has negotiated a deal with the Dept. of Justice that will reduce the amount of jail time a woman, Gabby Stone, will have to face for a guilty plea to an insider trading charge. After Gabby agrees to the terms, Harvey tells Mike to stay in the conference room with her while he retrieves the paperwork. What could go wrong? Moments after Mike leaves to get Gabby some water, he returns to find an empty conference room.
S1 EP5
Bail Out
Harvey starts the day giving a witness' account to a cop because of the traffic accident involving Ray, his personal driver, and a cabbie named Tony. He sends Mike ahead to a licensing deal meeting they were both supposed to attend. Once there, Mike's small talk to stall the client doesn't help matters when she changes her mind and the $200 million deal must be redrawn. Now, Harvey's in a bad mood.
S1 EP4
Dirty Little Secrets
Harvey finds out that a class action suit has been filed against his firm's newest client, Quentin Sainz. It turns out Sainz's company made a drug that extends the lives of ALS sufferers (Lou Gehrig's Disease), but a small number of users claim the drug caused liver failure. Harvey is reluctant to take on the class action suit because he assumes there's no way they can win, but Jessica reassures him by revealing that she knows and trusts Sainz because he used to be her husband.
S1 EP3
Inside Track
At a car show, Harvey introduces Mike to the CEO of the first client he brought to Pearson Hardman. But the new head of McKernon Motors, Robert Stensland, shocks Harvey when he announces a plan to sell their factory land here in the U.S. and move manufacturing overseas. As a lawyer and a racing-junkie, Harvey knows that these plans will jeopardize the company's relationship with the firm and the quality of their engines.
S1 EP2
Errors and Omissions
Mike and Harvey are representing Wyatt, a venture capitalist who invented a satellite phone that fits in a pocket. Instead of sitting in on the high-stakes investor meeting, Harvey tells Mike to file the patent update. Mike takes a short cut by getting a fellow associate, Gregory, to help file the patent update in exchange for proofing Gregory's active brief. But the brief turns out to be thousands of pages long. To make matters worse, when Mike doesn't finish the brief after an all-nighter, Gregory doesn't follow through with filing the patent update. And Harvey is steamed when he finds out that another party has beaten Mike to the chase by filing the patent first.
S1 EP1
Harvey Specter is the best closer in New York City. He's at the top of his game closing mergers, acquisitions and even divorces; it's in his blood. As a result of his success, Harvey is offered a promotion to senior partner at his firm, Pearson Hardman. With that promotion, however, Harvey will need a little help. His boss, Jessica Pearson, has enlisted him in a hunt for a new associate.