S9 EP5
If The Shoe Fits
Aired on 08/14/2019
Available until 07/15/2020
Samantha gets caught in the middle when Mike picks a fight with Harvey.
S9 EP4
Aired on 08/07/2019
Available until 07/15/2020
Faye takes action against Harvey and Donna’s relationship, as Harvey looks to impress Donna’s father.
S9 EP3
Aired on 07/31/2019
Available until 07/15/2020
Harvey takes a case to send Faye a message. Louis is presented with a new opportunity.
S9 EP2
Special Master
Aired on 07/24/2019
Available until 07/15/2020
The firm faces the repercussions of their actions. Samantha enlists Katrina to help an old friend.
S9 EP1
Everything’s Changed
Aired on 07/17/2019
Available until 07/15/2020
Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane’s name on the wall; Alex warns Louis of the consequences.