Whatever It Takes
S9 episode 6 Aired on August 21, 2019

With Harvey hellbent on ousting Faye by any means necessary in the wake of Sam’s firing, Donna fights to keep the firm together. Meanwhile, Sam’s own quest for revenge puts her in a dangerous spot between the FBI and Gavin Andrews. And Brian’s return stirs up personal problems for Katrina. We have the full rundown in our guide to Suits 906, “Whatever It Takes.”


Fearing that Sam’s firing will be the spark that ignites the powder keg at the firm, Faye reaches out to Donna with a hopeful request that she keep the partners from retaliating. However, as news of Sam’s firing spreads and Harvey spearheads an angry charge to find something on Faye that they can finally use to get rid of her, Donna wonders if she can stop the coming explosion. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting mad and ready to fire back at Faye, but Robert, sensing his pugnacious protege may do something rash, convinces Sam to sit tight and wait for her partners to come up with a plan.


Brian shows up at Katrina’s office with a case against Kurt’s Coffee, whose founder is claiming he was pushed out by his old partners. The thing is, Brian technically represented the company when he worked for Katrina, meaning he is in conflict. However, Katrina chooses not to remove him after he spins her a sob story about needing the case to bolster his standing at his new firm. Realizing that the personal side of Katrina and Brian’s relationship will add a layer of difficulty to an otherwise cut and dry case, Susan convinces Katrina to let her lend support.


Harvey and Louis turn to Faye’s ex-husband George for dirt, and he doesn’t disappoint; it turns out that after Faye turned George in for crossing a line, she used the threat of having him disbarred as leverage to take him to the cleaners during their divorce settlement. Harvey is ready to run with the information, but Louis is skeptical that upright Faye would really use the Bar for her own gain, so they ask Gretchen to reach out to her contacts at Faye’s old firm to find proof.


Tired of waiting for her partners to move, Sam reaches out to Tom, the FBI agent who once tried to force Sam to investigate money laundering at her old firm, to see if he will fish for dirt on Faye. Tom is willing to play ball, but only if Sam will first get him something on Gavin Andrews. Alex tries to convince her to drop the idea, but he winds up being swayed by Sam and agrees to help her entrap Gavin in a scheme involving a blackmailing niece.


Susan’s hunch proves correct when Brian’s reappearance triggers the return of Katrina’s migraines. Brian chooses to go easy on Katrina in her compromised state, leaving Katrina feeling indebted to her former associate and hesitant to go for the kill when she gains an advantage in the case. Susan pushes back and makes Katrina see that she wouldn’t be gun-shy if the case were against anyone else. Katrina drops the hammer, leading Brian to admit that he only took the case to spend time with her. Katrina angrily informs him not to contact her again - it’s time for both of them to move on - and later rewards Susan for giving her the pushback she needed.


Faye admits to Harvey that she crossed the line once, but that her ex is twisting the facts: Faye didn’t THREATEN to have George disbarred as leverage, she STOPPED him from being disbarred so that their daughter wouldn’t learn her father had broken the law. Harvey is moved by the story, and tells her he’ll keep her wrongdoing secret if she reinstates Sam and resigns. But Faye’s personal code of ethics won’t allow her to horse trade her secret for Sam’s job, leaving Harvey conflicted about whether he can turn Faye in if it means destroying her family in the process. Sensing Harvey’s inner turmoil, Louis convinces his partner to hold off for a day to see what Alex and Sam can dig up.


Robert learns what Sam is up to and, realizing the danger she is in, races to stop her from making a mistake that will put her under the FBI’s thumb for the rest of her life. Luckily, he arrives in time to make Tom sign a waiver giving Sam blanket immunity for anything illegal she has done in regard to Gavin Andrews. And it turns out that Robert was right not to trust the FBI; Tom takes Sam’s dirt on Gavin and gives her nothing in return but a stern warning to never contact him again. Sam is furious, but Robert convinces her, at least for the time being, to drop it.


Donna informs Harvey that Sam’s plan didn’t pan out and tries to convince him not to turn Faye in, but Harvey feels so responsible for Sam’s firing that he can’t turn back. Luckily, Donna is able to get Harvey to let go of his guilt and show Faye some mercy. Faye thanks Donna for getting Harvey to back off, and Donna lets her know that there are some lines they won’t cross. Meanwhile, Harvey apologizes to Sam, who forgives him, and when she reveals that she has found her biological father, Harvey volunteers to accompany her on her trip to meet him.