If the Shoe Fits
S9 episode 5 Aired on August 14, 2019

Mike returns to pick a friendly fight with Harvey, but tensions rise when Sam gets involved. Meanwhile, Katrina attempts to get over her feelings for Brian with Donna’s help, and Louis tries to lift Sheila’s spirits. We’ve got all the details here in our rundown of Suits episode 905, “If the Shoe Fits.” 


Mike surprises Harvey at his apartment, but he’s not just there to catch up. Turns out that his client, basketball star Jeremy Wall, has decided he wants out of his contract with Brick Street after witnessing the exploitative work conditions of the sneaker giant’s overseas factories. What Mike doesn’t know is that Harvey gave Brick Street to Sam, and she’s not about to just hand them back. However, she’s willing to share so that Mike and Harvey can duke it out. Let’s get ready to rumble! 


Louis bears the brunt of Sheila’s anger when pregnancy starts to make her feel edgy, unattractive, and worst of all, incompetent; apparently, a bout of “baby brain” while she was at work caused a major donor to pull their $50,000 pledge. Hoping to lift her spirits, Louis goes to Benjamin (hat in hand after recently trying to fire him) to ask for help making an anonymous $50,000 donation to make up for the lost funding. But Louis’ romantic gesture only makes Sheila feel unheard, and a whole lot angrier. Louis suggests they have a couples counseling session with Dr. Lipschitz before things get worse.


Mike and Harvey agree to keep the fight fair, what with the Faye situation - that means no moves that could lead to anyone getting disbarred or spending time in jail. Mike lands the first blow by taking things public with a damaging newspaper ad. Donna begs Sam to keep things civil in order to find a win-win so Sam goes to Mike with a settlement offer, but Mike slaps it down, leaving Sam fuming. Meanwhile, Faye senses that the mix of Harvey, Sam and Mike could be volatile and asks Alex to keep her abreast of the goings on, but Alex refuses to spy on his colleagues.


Lipschitz works his magic and gets Sheila to open up - it turns out that pregnancy has Sheila considering giving up her job in favor of full time motherhood, a feeling that is both very surprising (Sheila never wanted kids) and very scary, since so much of her identity is wrapped up in being a warrior. Louis assures Sheila that being a warrior has nothing to do with her job, and that no matter what she chooses to do, he supports it with his whole being. The talk also makes Louis realize that he needs to show Benjamin some appreciation, so he gives him a title bump and a nice fat raise.


After trying (and failing comically) to leave a simple voice mail for Brian, Katrina realizes she still hasn’t gotten over her former associate. Donna takes Katrina out for drinks in the hopes that a night on the town will help her find someone new. But it turns out that Katrina doesn’t want to party her problems away or find someone new; what Katrina really needs, as Donna points out, is to find herself. Feeling inspired, Katrina signs up for a ballet class, and when a return VM from Brian comes in she happily send it to trash without even listening. 


Sam retaliates with a defamation suit, but she unwittingly plays into Mike’s hands. As the case escalates and tension builds, Katrina warns Mike not to push Sam too far. But Mike is more focused on beating Harvey, and after playing the public angle yet again he forces Harvey into a position where he has no choice but to admit defeat - Mike outplayed him. But while Harvey may be ok with conceding, Sam isn’t ready to surrender, and she fabricates evidence behind Harvey’s back that gives them the upper hand. Mike feels betrayed, and Harvey lays into Sam for both breaking his trust and brazenly crossing a line while Faye is breathing down their necks. Unfortunately, Faye witnesses the confrontation, and while she may not have proof of Sam’s wrongdoing, it doesn’t stop her from firing Sam on the spot.