S9 episode 4 Aired on August 7, 2019

Faye labels Harvey and Donna’s relationship a conflict of interest, and her latest shakeup soon has the partners at each other’s throats. Meanwhile, Alex turns to Sam for help when an old colleague threatens to expose information related to the Reform Corp cover up. It’s all here in our guide to Suits 904, “Cairo.” 


Donna is eager to share the news of her new relationship with her father, but James rains on her parade a little when he voices concerns about whether Harvey is able to put Donna’s needs above his own. Spirits are further dampened when Faye tells Donna that her and Harvey’s relationship constitutes a conflict of interest, and that Donna will have to give up her vote.


Alex gets a visit from his old colleague Craig Cameron. Apparently, Alex jumped the line back when he landed Masterson Construction, and Craig never forgave him for it. Now Craig wants Alex to convince Sam to to take a soft deal in her case against Craig’s client, or Craig will release damaging information on the Reform Corp cover up. Alex begs Sam to take the deal; he’s still haunted by the fact that he let Reform Corp get away with murder, and even though he was framed he doesn’t want his family to find out. But as Sam points out, taking the deal would send up a huge red flag that Faye would surely notice.


Louis is still seething over Faye poaching Gretchen from his desk, so when Faye asks Katrina to write a new code of conduct for the firm Louis demands his black swan sneak in a clause that would allow him to take Gretchen back. But Katrina decides against it - she won’t cross those lines anymore, not even for her mentor - sending Louis further into a tailspin.


Donna feels diminished at work and deflated in her personal life, but she only tells Harvey about the second part. Harvey tries to make nice with Donna’s father and lines up an interested party for James’ latest business deal, but James isn’t pleased that Harvey looked into his affairs without asking (it’s a sore subject, what with their previous history). The whole situation puts Donna in an even worse mood, much to Harvey’s confusion, but she finally lets him in on her exchange with Faye, leading Harvey’s own anger to grow.


Sam convinces Alex to let his wife in on the truth about the Reform Corp case, but things become even more complicated when Rosalee tries to get involved. Feeling protective, Sam takes both Alex and Rosalee out of the picture and goes to Craig herself, packing a file with dirt on Craig ten times worse than what he has on Alex. But instead of burying him, Sam generously gives Craig the option to put their blackmail files aside and just fight the case in its merits - a sign that maybe even Sam is willing to learn form her past mistakes.


Louis is seeing red after Katrina’s rejection and Harvey and Donna are furious with Faye, but instead of focusing their anger on their shared enemy they wind up arguing over whose needs trump whose, and whose bad behavior brought Faye into their nest n the first place. It’s only when they realize that they are not treating each other with respect because they feel disrespected by Faye that they are able to get back on the same page. The name partners present a united front and go to Faye en masse to let her know they are waiving conflict  of interest so that Donna may keep her vote. If Faye doesn’t like it, they will all resign. Realizing she needs to be a bit more respectful, Faye later tells Gretchen to report back to Louis’ desk.


Harvey goes back to James in a more respectful manner and the two do their best to let bygones be bygones - James even takes Harvey up on his business offer. Donna is happy that Harvey was able to make peace with her dad, and Harvey finally introduces Donna to his mother (over the phone, that is).