S9 episode 3 Aired on July 31, 2019

Louis’ demotion spurs Harvey to take the fight to Faye. Meanwhile, Louis struggles with whether to leave the firm and take a new position, and Katrina is blackmailed by an ambitious associate. Check out the full story in our guide to Suits episode 903, “WINDMILLS.”


News of Louis’ demotion travels the halls of the firm, eliciting different reactions from the partners. While Harvey decides he’s going to take action, Donna goes to Louis to let him know that she and Harvey won’t let their new relationship stop them from supporting him during this difficult time. Meanwhile, Sam and Alex put their heads together to find a way to get rid of Faye, but when Sam suggests they cross an ethical line it leads to a heated exchange.


As Louis deals with his demons after his demotion, he gets unexpected news when an old friend reaches out to offer him a judgeship. Being a judge has always been Louis’ great dream. However, he isn’t sure what his friends would do without him if he left…or what he would do without them. To make the matter more complicated, his friend warns him that this may be his only chance; if the firm comes out on the wrong side of the Faye Richardson situation, Louis could lose his shot at ever being a judge. 


Katrina gives Susan another chance after the ambitious young associate makes a key save. Eager to impress, Susan offers to use a family connection to help win a case, but Katrina warns her against it. However, Susan disobeys, and when Katrina tries to take her off the case she threatens to come forward with information about Katrina and Brian’s relationship unless Katrina makes Susan her full time associate. After talking with Sam, Katrina decides to call Susan’s bluff and takes her to Faye, giving her the opportunity to turn Katrina in. Susan winds up backing down, and Katrina later explains to the young associate that her ambition is a good thing, but it can;t be the only thing she has.


Sam makes amends with Alex after their argument; as Sam explains, she’s been off-kilter since Robert left. Alex invites Sam to his house for dinner, figuring a nice family night might be just the thing Sam needs. The night gets a little rocky when Alex and Rosalee learn their headstrong daughter Joy backed into a pole in a parking garage with Alex’s car, but instead of feeling awkward, Sam feels embraced by Alex’s family. In fact, she confides in Alex that the night has convinced her to search for her biological parents. 


Harvey approaches Dan Foley, a CEO who is being forced to sell his company, SensaTech, by a board who happens to be represented by Faye’s old firm. The move puts Faye in a potentially compromising position and Harvey thinks Faye will cross a line to come out on top, an assumption that is seemingly confirmed when Dan is fired by the board. But though Harvey thinks he’s caught Faye in the act, she maintains she did nothing wrong. In the end, Harvey uses one of his connections to get another company to buy SensaTech and save Dan’s job, and Harvey and Faye call it a draw.


Things get worse for Louis when Faye conscripts Gretchen as her own personal assistant for a limited time. On tilt and in serious need of support, he tracks Donna and Harvey to their date night restaurant, but things get worse when he sees them screen his call (they figured it was work, not personal). Feeling abandoned, Louis decides to tell Harvey he is taking the judgeship. Harvey is stunned, but the two friends get to the heart of the matter and make amends. Later, Donna shows up at Louis’s apartment to show him the support he needs, and Louis announces he will stay at the firm.