Special Master
S9 episode 2 Aired on July 24, 2019

This week, the arrival of Faye Richardson upends the status quo. Meanwhile, Harvey and Donna realize they must convince Thomas to return to the firm, and Sam agonizes over how to help an old friend suffering from PTSD. It’s all here and more in our guide to Suits episode 902, “Special Master.”


Faye Richardson’s arrival sends shockwaves through halls of ZSLWW; as she tells the partners, she intends to clean up the firm, and she has the authority to fire anyone who doesn’t walk the line. Sam, in particular, chafes at the arrival of this interloper, especially when Faye announces that her first order of business will be to take down Robert’s name. Luckily, Harvey is able to talk Sam out of quitting on the spot, promising that they will put Robert’s name back up after Faye is gone.


Faye’s arrival complicates things further when she asks Donna to set up an exit interview for Thomas Kessler; something about the way he fired the firm doesn’t sit well with Faye, and she wants to probe deeper. The problem is, Harvey and Donna both know that Thomas won’t lie for them again. If Faye does that interview, the truth about Harvey and Donna breaking privilege will almost certainly be exposed.


Sam agrees to take a case for her old military friend Lucas, who believes he was unfairly let go by his employer and wants to fight for his job. Sam starts to suspect that Lucas’s job woes are actually the result of undiagnosed PTSD, but Lucas won’t seek help, fearing that being reclassified will make it more difficult to for him find work in the future. Sam agrees to respect his wishes; however, Faye worries that Sam’s personal attachment to Lucas may cause her to cross a line in order to win, so she cuts off Sam’s access to funds and associates for the case.


Frustrated that Faye is undermining his authority as Managing Partner, Louis tasks Benjamin with creating a program that will find a loophole in the Bar’s by-laws that they can use to remove her. But when Benjamin hits a snag, Louis blows his top. Alex realizes it would be best for everyone if the two of them blew off some steam, and the they wind up doing some bonding at the bowling alley. Little do either of them realize that Louis’ angry tirade has driven Benjamin to the extreme of trying to hack the Bar!


Without access to firm resources, Sam turns to Katrina for help, and while Katrina is wary, she agrees to work on the case as long as Sam plays within the rules. However, it soon becomes clear that for Sam to win while avoiding a mark on Lucas’ permanent record, she will have to play dirty. Luckily, Katrina convinces Sam that the best way to do right by her friend is to help him get the treatment he needs.


Harvey convinces Thomas to come back to the firm in order to avoid the interview. Thomas assures Harvey that he can handle Harvey and Donna being together; however, seeing Donna again gives Thomas second thoughts, and he backs out at the last minute. With the exit interview back in play, Donna tries a new tactic and opens up to Faye about her relationship with Thomas. After hearing about the emotional backstory to Thomas’ departure, Faye tells Donna they can cancel the exit interview, and thanks Donna for leveling with her.


Louis’ frustration mounts after being humiliated by Faye in front of the associates, and when Faye learns what Benjamin is up to she confronts Louis yet again. Louis denies culpability; he never asked Benjamin to hack into the Bar! But Faye counters that it was Louis’ bad behavior that drove Benjamin to cross the line, and she warns Louis to straighten up or she may be forced to let him go. Furious, Louis takes his anger out on Benjamin once again and tries to fire him, but Faye intervenes and puts a stop to Louis’ lashing out. Humiliated again, Louis storms off, but Faye approaches him quietly to avoid another scene and strips Louis of his title, leaving him with the choice to accept it or resign.