One Last Con
S9 episode 10 Aired on September 25, 2019

When Faye puts Harvey in a no win situation, the team comes together to execute one last plan to get rid of her for good. Will the best closer in the city make the ultimate deal, or will Faye finally succeed in bringing down the firm? It’s all here in our guide to the Suits series finale, “One Last Con.”


Faye tells Harvey she’s willing to honor their original agreement if he can convince the jury that Sam’s firing was justified. If he can’t come through, however, Faye will call to the stand the one person who knows that Sam fabricated evidence: Harvey. With no room for error, Harvey calls Mike to the stand and performs a surgical interrogation that all but clinches victory. But while it looks like the scales are tipping in their favor, Faye decides she isn’t wiling to let a successful defense of her integrity rest on chance, and she informs Harvey that he is going to testify whether he likes it or not.


Backed against a wall, Harvey heads to Mike’s apartment and comes clean about his deal with Faye. With no way out of testifying, Harvey plans to lie on the stand in order to protect Sam. But Mike knows perjury will be suicide and he’s not ready to let Harvey throw in the towel just yet. The way he sees it, he and Harvey conned people for years; if they want to beat Faye, they’ll need to pull off one last con for old times' sake. 


Mike loops Sam and Robert in on the plan, while Harvey brings Donna and Louis up to speed. Alex pays a visit to Katrina to get her on board in an integral role, and while she’s hurt that Harvey hasn’t paid her a visit since she was fired, she knows which side she is on. Ditto Gretchen, who isn’t afraid, even if prison could be in the cards. But while everyone is on board, Harvey isn’t sure if he’s really ready to put them all in danger, and he turns to Donna, as always, for moral direction. Harvey also reveals he has an ace in the hole, but he doesn’t want to play it unless she’s good with it too.


Katrina pays a visit to Faye and announces that if Harvey takes the stand then she will too, and she’ll make the case that Faye fired her without cause as well. Faye can see it’s extortion, plain and simple, but she can also see it just might stick. Furious, she orders Harvey to quash Katrina’s testimony. Harvey agrees, but only if Faye will put their agreement in writing so that she can’t get out of it later.


The next day, Harvey gathers the partners to witness Faye signing their deal. But the meeting is interrupted by Mike and Sam, who accuse Harvey of intimidating Katrina in order to stop her from testifying. As tensions rise, angry words lead to a punch being thrown, and Faye ejects Mike and Sam from the building. Disgusted, Faye announces she can’t wait to put the firm behind her as she signs the agreement. But the fight was a distraction, designed to give Gretchen time to swap documents; the paper Faye signed is actually a statement confessing she ordered Harvey to witness tamper. The team claims victory! However, when it becomes clear that Faye won’t be bullied into backing down, Harvey clears the room so he and Faye can deal, one to one.


The rest of the team waits anxiously until Harvey walks in and reports that he closed the deal: Faye is gone! Louis makes his first order of business to bring Sam back, but Harvey won’t divulge exactly what deal he made with Faye to get her to go. The team celebrates; they risked everything for each other and for love, and it paid off.


With Faye gone, the team is free to attend to more personal matters. Louis asks Dr. Lipschitz to officiate his wedding. It’s an evolutionary step forward in their relationship: they’re officially friends. Flash forward to Louis’ wedding - it’s a beautiful day, and with Harvey at his side as his best man and the love of his life in front of him, Louis couldn’t be happier. Things take a turn, though, when Sheila’s water breaks in the middle of the ceremony. Louis shows preternatural cool and makes sure they make it to “I Do,” then rushes Sheila to an ambulance he had the foresight to hire.


With the wedding reception in a strange state of limbo, Harvey decides to give those assembled something to celebrate and asks Donna to marry him right there - after losing his mother, he doesn’t want to waste another second. Of course, Donna says yes! Meanwhile, things hit a speed bump at the hospital when Sheila is taken into the O.R. due to complications. It’s a roller coaster of emotion for Louis, who must endure on his own the uncertainty of whether or not Sheila and his new baby will make it. Thankfully, the doctor arrives to let him know that Sheila and their new daughter, who Louis names Lucy, have pulled through. It’s momentous relief, matched by the joyous occasion unfolding back at the wedding venue as Harvey and Donna exchange vows and tie the knot in front of their friends. 


Harvey and Donna dance and celebrate their love, then head to the hospital to meet Louis’ new daughter. The moment becomes bittersweet, though, when Harvey and Donna announce that they are leaving the firm and moving to Seattle to work with Mike. It turns out, Harvey leaving the firm was the ace he played to close Faye. Louis is in disbelief, but Harvey assures him that it’s what he and Donna want - as Harvey’s dust up with Faye taught him, he still likes playing in the gray, he just wants to do it for the good guys for a change. Louis is upset; they said they’d always be there for him! But Donna assures him he doesn’t need them anymore. And the truth is, they’ll always be a family.


Sam returns to the firm, and Louis tells her they’ll need to lean on each other more than ever. Later, Louis, Sam and Alex ask Katrina to be a name partner - it’s the beginning of a new era at the firm, and a new era for Louis’s young family. Meanwhile, Harvey and Mike revisit their beginning and look forward to their future in Seattle, and Harvey and Donna take a look around the office before saying goodbye. Later, Louis and Donna share one last ride down the elevator together, while Harvey has a final sip of whiskey, sets his glass down on his desk, and walks out of the offices of his firm for the last time.