Everything's Changed
S9 episode 1 Aired on July 17, 2019

The firm deals with the repercussions of Robert’s disbarment. Meanwhile, Harvey and Donna decide how to move forward with their new relationship. It’s all here in our guide to the season 9 premier of Suits, “Everything's Changed.”


Harvey and Donna luxuriate in the afterglow of their night in each others arms until they are interrupted by a knock at the door; it’s Louis, who wants to get out ahead of the blowback from Robert being disbarred. The three agree that the firm will publicly take responsibility while standing behind Robert at the same time. So eager is Louis to strategize that he doesn’t even question what Harvey is doing at Donna’s apartment in yesterday’s clothes (he assumes they, like him, were brainstorming all night). Donna and Harvey agree that it will be best to keep the truth of their relationship a secret until the Zane situation dies down.


Fallout from the Robert situation comes much sooner than anyone expected: it turns out Eric Kaldor is making a play to snap up every one of Robert’s clients, and the only way he’ll back off is if Harvey gives up ten of his own clients. Meanwhile, Alex is approached by Stephen Faulkner, a member of the New York Bar. Stephen delivers the message that if the firm doesn’t take Robert’s name down, the bar just might do it for them. Later, Alex gets a visit from Thomas Kessler, and it’s not a social call; he’s firing the firm because of everything that went down in the wake of the Simon Lowe deal (especially being forced to lie in front of the bar), and there is nothing Alex can do to stop him.


Things get worse when Sheila informs Louis that the newest class of Harvard grads wants nothing to do with the firm as long as they are associated with Robert. Louis regrettably tries to strong arm Professor Henry Gerard into helping him sway the opinions of the students, but he knows it’s no use. Louis still refuses to take Robert’s name down - Robert stood behind them, so they will stand behind him - but with clients threatening to leave and their recruitment class disappearing, it’s getting harder to stand on principle.


Harvey and Sam fight fire with fire and try to poach Eric Kaldor’s clients in an attempt to get him to stand down. But the damage in the wake of Robert’s disbarment has left the firm radioactive, and Harvey and Sam can’t get a single client to flip. Things only get worse when Sam puts the Donna-and-Harvey situation together and realizes that Harvey snuck off to have a fling with Donna the night that Robert was disbarred, leaving Sam to grieve the loss of her mentor alone. 


Furious, Sam demands that Harvey give up his clients to Kaldor as a kind of payback for her losing Robert, but Donna realizes that what Sam really wants is a fight. Harvey steps into the ring with Sam and a few rounds spent beating the crap out of each other is enough to make them whole again. Sam and Harvey agree that they’ll keep fighting for Robert’s clients, and Harvey gives Sam his word that he they won’t take Robert’s name down under any circumstances.


Katrina gets a surprise visit from Sheila, who wants Katrina to convince Louis to take Robert’s name down before any more damage is done to the firm. Katrina calls in a favor with Alex and gets him to convince Louis that they have no other choice. The problem is, they need one more vote, and they know the only partner they’ll be able to convince is Harvey. But Harvey gave his word to Sam, and when she learns about what they are trying to do she makes it clear that if they take Robert’s name down, she’ll leave and possibly go to the bar to turn them all in. 


Harvey realizes that there is still one way to keep Robert’s name up AND keep his clients from leaving - give Eric Kaldor what he wants. It hurts, but Harvey gives up ten of his clients. Only time will tell if it is enough to repair the damage to their reputation. Meanwhile, Louis gets a visit from Faye Richardson, another member of the Bar who is carrying more than threats -  she has a court order giving her full control of the firm under a special master provision. If Louis fights, the Bar will suspend every partner at the firm for six months, a move that will surely destroy them. The question is, will Louis give in?