Motion to Delay
S8 episode 9 Aired on September 12, 2018

Tommy Bratton is back, and he’s gunning for ZSL! Meanwhile, the feud between Alex and Sam comes to a head, and Katrina deals with new responsibilities and new feelings. It’s a huge episode, and we’ve got the full rundown in our guide to Suits 809, “Motion to Delay.”

Tommy Bratton Is Back

Tommy Bratton comes at ZSL with a lawsuit, claiming Robert and Harvey conspired to bribe Frank Gallo into entering fabricated testimony in Mike’s prison case -- see, Bratton’s still pissed about being pushed out of his firm and he wants payback. The problem is, Bratton’s accusation does have a ring of truth; Robert and Harvey may not have actually fabricated anything but they did conspire on that case (even if it was to put an end to the murders of scores of inmates), which leaves ZSL exposed.

Alex and Sam at Odds

Simmering tensions finally come to a boil when Sam and Alex wind up on opposite sides of a lawsuit between Dexhart Insurance and Gavin Andrews. The situation creates a conflict of interest that legally necessitates either Alex or Sam to drop their client, but neither lawyer is ready to back down. However, with Tommy Bratton’s suit hanging over the firm, Robert orders Sam and Alex to find a way to settle; they need to project a unified front, and they can’t afford to lose anymore clients.

Katrina Picks an Associate

Louis gives Katrina the good news that she has finally been named Senior Partner, and with her new title comes a new office and new perks. For her first official act she extends Brian an offer to become her associate. Brian questions whether him working for her will affect their budding friendship, but Katrina assures him things won’t get complicated.

A New Title and a New Case

Katrina and Brian take on a big fashion company knocking off the work of a little designer (who happens to be Katrina’s friend) and, though copyright law is notoriously vague, they come out swinging and land a monster punch. Brian convinces Katrina to go out and celebrate, but when their opponent cuts an illegal deal to nullify the move behind their backs, Katrina blames Brian for taking her eye off the ball.

The Feud Escalates

Gavin and Dexhart have no interest in meeting in the middle, and settlement talks break down when it comes out that Sam has goaded her client into suing Gavin in the first place. Tired of playing nice, Alex and Sam escalate their gamesmanship, pulling Louis, Harvey, and eventually Robert into the fight and renewing Harvey and Robert’s argument over who will be given name partnership. But the argument is put on hold when important information about Tommy Bratton comes to light. 

Bratton Fights to the End

Louis and Donna hunt down Eli Gould and Frank Gallo’s daughter in their attempt to stop Bratton’s suit in its tracks, but Robert starts to think he smells a bluff; why would Tommy Bratton bring this suit when the fallout could land him in prison? It turns out, though, that Tommy isn’t bluffing, and he isn’t afraid of prison because he’s been diagnosed with cancer and has a year to live. Harvey lets Tommy know their strategy will be to delay, but the angered attorney promises to fight until his dying breath. Unsure of what to do, Harvey and Robert steel themselves for the battle ahead -- until Louis delivers the shocking news that Tommy Bratton has died of a heart attack.

Katrina and Brian Come Through

Desperate not to lose her first case as a Senior Partner, Katrina considers a bluff that will open her up to considerable exposure, but at Harvey’s advice she decides against it. Brian proves himself an able associate by using his own bluff to obtain proof of their opponent’s illegal deal, clinching their victory. It’s a big moment for Katrina; however, the win is undercut when she realizes that she can’t just turn off her growing feelings for Brian.

Robert and Harvey in Agreement

Suddenly freed from the weight of Tommy Bratton’s suit, Harvey tells Robert that he thinks they should let Sam and Alex have their way and duke it out in court. Robert worries that doing so will be admitting that their house is divided and open them up to another Tommy Bratton, but as Harvey points out, their house is divided, and Alex and Sam have been itching for a fight from day one. Maybe it’s the shock of Bratton’s death, but Robert agrees. Looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands!