Coral Gables
S8 episode 8 Aired on September 5, 2018

It was a tough week, Suitors, as Sam picked a losing fight with Eric Caldor and Gretchen made a mistake that had big consequences for Alex. Meanwhile, Louis dealt with feelings brought about by a run in with his high school bully in an unlikely place. Check out our guide to Suits episode 808, “Coral Gables,” for the full story.


Hoping to bolster her position with Robert now that he and Alex are growing chummy, Sam sets out to take a client from her former boss, Eric Caldor. Caldor proves slippery, though, forcing Sam to turn to Harvey for help. Despite Harvey’s aid, Caldor turns the tables on Sam again by threatening to expose her for burying evidence in an old case unless she gives him her oldest client. Caldor has her dead to rights (never mind that Sam buried the evidence to keep an innocent woman out of prison), but Sam has no intention of giving in to blackmail. Unfortunately, beating Caldor will mean silencing his smoking gun: Betty Palmer, the colleague who tried to stop Sam all those years ago and was run out of town for her troubles. 


Sheila books an appointment with the top fertility specialist in the country, but when the doctor turns out to be Louis’s high school bully it dredges up painful old memories for the emotional attorney. At Dr. Lipschitz’s suggestion Louis opens up to Sheila, and though Sheila suggests they find another doctor Louis waves off her concern - he doesn’t want his past to ruin their best shot at starting a family. But Louis is soon overwhelmed by feelings of powerlessness and shame, and as the pressure builds it begins to seem as if an explosion is imminent. Thankfully, Dr. Lipschitz helps Louis come to peace with his past in service of forging a new future family.


Sam plans to put Betty Palmer on ice, but Harvey gets wind of her plans and puts his foot down, hard - he’s not going to let Sam go after a woman whose only “crime” was once trying to stop her from breaking the law, even if it means losing a client. As much as it pains Sam to accept defeat at the hands of the man who stabbed Robert in the back (especially now, in the heat of her race with Alex for name partnership), she is left with no choice but to give in to Caldor’s demands. The loss is tough on a fighter like Sam but the experience ends up bringing her and Harvey, another inveterate fighter, closer together.


Alex needs Louis’s signature by end of day in order to close a big deal for one of his clients, and Gretchen personally guarantees she’ll have the document signed, sealed and delivered by the deadline. But a careless mistake leads to the paperwork being misplaced and despite Gretchen’s best efforts she can’t fix the situation, leaving the client furious and demanding Alex fire Gretchen (Alex refuses). Gretchen feels terrible for letting Alex down; but worse still is the knowledge that she called in every favor she could and still came up short - maybe the time has come for her to hang it up? Gretchen considers falling on her sword and retiring in order to save Alex’s deal, but Donna talks her out of it.