Sour Grapes
S8 episode 7 Aired on August 29, 2018

This week, big news leads to a big conversation about how Louis and Sheila will raise their future family. Meanwhile, Robert enlists Alex’s help to deal with a personal matter, and Harvey is forced to represent David Fox. We’ve got the full story in our guide to Suits episode 807, “Sour Grapes.”

A Stronger Bond

Robert has firm harmony in mind when he asks Donna to send Alex, not Sam, to upstate New York to help him with a personal legal matter. Donna keeps that notion in mind when she later asks Sam to back Harvey up with David Fox, thinking Harvey may appreciate her help. See, Donna is hoping to bring everyone together so that when the time comes to put a new name up on the wall it won’t rip them apart. 

Robert Calls In The Big Guns

Robert’s investment in a vineyard upstate is going sour as he waits for wine barrels that aren’t being delivered, and he thinks he smells racism at work. Alex comes in guns blazing at Robert’s instruction, but when it becomes clear that race isn’t the only factor at play - the barrel maker sees Robert as another in a line of outsiders throwing money around to push out a community that goes back generations - he suggests they put down the big stick and pick up the olive branch. But Robert is too angry to listen to reason and he sends Alex packing.

David Fox Wants a Building

Harvey isn’t happy when David Fox comes to him with some work - apparently, Donna never told Harvey that she promised his legal services to Fox for a full year. Fox wants Harvey to help him buy a building out from under his rival, John Billows, and he wants it done anonymously since Billows hates his guts. But when it comes to light that Fox has been funneling Billows’ biggest tenant tens of thousands of dollars in order to keep him from being evicted, Harvey assumes that Fox is laundering money (or worse) and he wants out.

Donna's Choice Words For Harvey

Harvey makes up his mind to drop Fox, Donna’s deal be damned; he won’t represent a client who lied to his face. But Donna calls Harvey on his BS - he’s represented hundreds of clients who have lied to him. Not only that, but he authorized Donna to make this deal with Fox, and if Harvey goes back on it he’ll be undermining her integrity.

Robert Reconsiders

Donna steps in to let Robert know he needs to cool off and reconsider Alex’s advice. It doesn’t take long for the message to seep in, and he reminds himself that he too grew up in a community that looked askance at outsiders, no matter the color of their skin. Robert embraces a more conciliatory approach that brings him closer to both the community and Alex. He also reaches out to Donna and thanks her for calling him on his bad behavior - they’re shaping up to be a pretty good team!

Harvey Goes To Bat For Fox

Harvey confronts Fox, who comes clean: Billows’ tenant is actually Fox’s mentor, and Fox is trying to buy the building in order to save his friend’s business. But Fox doesn’t want to make that information public for fear that it will ruin his cutthroat image. Loyalty is a language Harvey speaks so he decides to go out on a limb for Fox, but despite the best efforts of both Harvey and Sam they aren’t able to deliver the building AND keep Fox’s soft spot a secret. Faced with the choice between letting his mentor’s business die or taking a bad deal and looking like a sucker to the world, Fox chooses the latter, earning Harvey’s respect in the process.

Louis And Sheila Have The Religion Talk

Sheila call Louis with great news - she’s pregnant! However, their celebration is sidetracked by the topic of whether they will raise their child Jewish; Louis just assumed they would, while Sheila assumed they wouldn’t raise their child according to any one religion. It’s a tough conversation, but after turning to both his sister and Dr. Lipschitz, Louis realizes that the final decision is less important than the fact that he and Sheila come to that decision together. In the end, they agree that their new baby can be raised Jewish and Catholic - the best of both their worlds. However, their joy is undercut when they learn Sheila isn’t really pregnant, and though Louis puts on a brave face for Sheila, he takes it hard.