Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter
S8 episode 6 Aired on August 22, 2018

Harvey and Louis head to couples counseling to work on their relationship. Meanwhile, trust issues arise when Sam volunteers her services for a charity close to Donna’s heart, and Katrina and Brian grow closer while working a case that could make her senior partnership. Check out our guide to Suits episode 806, “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter,” for the full rundown. 

Harvey’s Dark Cloud

Marcus’s divorce has Harvey in a bad mood, so he really doesn’t want to hear it when Louis announces that Dominic Barone will be selling McKernon Motors. And things go from bad to worse when Louis asks Harvey to cover for him with Joan Walsh while he heads home for a baby-making date with Sheila. After Harvey deals with Joan’s emergency (her cosmetics line is being defamed by a 16-year-old online influencer who wants $10 Million to take her accusatory video down, so Harvey promises to sue her into the ground), he refuses to give Louis his client back, accusing him of putting his needs ahead of the firm.

Donna and Sam Clash Again

Donna’s looking for an attorney to represent a charity for at-risk girls where her friend Peggy works, and Sam thinks she might be the right fit. Donna isn’t so sure -- she still doesn’t trust Sam due to her habit of withholding the whole story time and again -- but she decides to give her the benefit of the doubt. However, things get complicated when Sam flags a budget discrepancy that could point to some shady business on Peggy’s part. Donna asks Sam to hold off on doing anything until she can check in with her friend, but Sam makes a move anyway, costing Peggy her job and raising Donna’s ire.

Katrina and Brian Grow Close

Katrina drafts Brian to help her prove that a fashion entrepreneur is being blocked from taking his company public by a spiteful old colleague who now occupies a position of power on the stock exchange. It’s a big case, made all the more important because Louis has informed Katrina it will make -- or break -- her senior partnership. The two attorneys pull an all-nighter, and as they trade jokes over Indian take-out in the firm library, it becomes clear that their bond is deepening -- but is it something more than friendship? Donna wonders as much, and although Katrina assures her that she would never cross that line, Donna warns that sometimes the head and the heart don’t always work in concert. 

Harvey and Louis Get Couples Counseling

Hurt by Harvey’s words, Louis turns to Dr. Lipschitz, who suggests that it actually may be Harvey who is at fault. Perhaps their relationship needs tending? Louis runs with it and gets Lipschitz to agree to do a couples counseling session with him and Harvey, and though Harvey is extremely dismissive at first (very extremely), Donna gets him to come around on the idea -- Harvey clearly has some issues he needs to work through. However, the session quickly devolves into name-calling, and Louis abruptly walks out. 

Donna and Sam Meet in the Middle

Donna is furious with Sam for breaking her promise, but after Alex suggests Donna may be too close to see the truth, she goes back to Sam with an apology for lashing out instead of trusting her expertise. Sam also offers an apology: she should have been true to her word and waited to act. Having reached an understanding, Donna and Sam put their heads together and realize the real culprit is the charity’s CEO, who had been misappropriating funds and let Peggy take the fall. It doesn’t take them long to bring down the crooked CEO and get Peggy installed in his place.

Harvey Has a Breakthrough

Dr. Lipschitz thinks he can still do some good for both Harvey and Louis, and he wants Louis’s blessing to see Harvey one on one. Louis worries that Lipschitz will end up choosing Harvey over him, but he eventually gives his consent. The good doctor’s patient prodding opens Harvey’s eyes to the fact that not only is he afraid he’ll lose Louis once the baby comes (just as he lost Mike, Rachel, Jessica, and now his sister-in-law), but that if he keeps treating Louis this way, he’ll end up pushing him away himself. Harvey decides to make the big step of telling Louis how he feels, leading to a real bonding moment between the two partners.