Good Mudding
S8 episode 5 Aired on August 15, 2018

This week, Louis weighed his love of mud against his desire for a family, Harvey dealt with the emotional heft of his brother’s divorce, and Alex turned to an unlikely ally in his effort to connect with his teenage daughter. It’s all here in our guide to Suits episode 805, “Good Mudding.”

Harvey’s Brother Is Getting a Divorce

Harvey is hit hard by news of his brother’s impending divorce, especially when he learns that Marcus cheated on his wife Katie and now she’s seeking sole custody of the kids. Harvey sets aside his own feelings about infidelity to represent his brother, but things get messy when it comes out that Marcus relapsed into his gambling addiction and used one of the kids to hide it. Harvey is horrified (in his eyes, it’s just like when their mother asked him to keep her adultery a secret) and he drops his brother like a hot potato. 

Sam Helps Alex With a Family Matter

Alex asks Sam to help him get through to his headstrong teenage daughter, Joy, whose disdain for the rules (especially her father’s) has her stuck serving out a school suspension in the ZSL library. Sam wins Joy over with tales from her own wayward childhood and, impressed by the young girl’s brains and spunk, drafts Joy to help stake out her opponent in a case that has been giving her trouble. Joy loves the assignment and takes it upon herself to record a conversation that gives Sam the upper hand during her deposition later that day. However, Alex is furious when he learns that Sam let Joy engage in such a legally dubious act and he angrily tells her to stay away from his daughter. 

Louis Sacrifices for His Future Family

Sheila and Louis are having trouble conceiving, but it turns out that the problem isn’t Louis’ “ammo” (he’s shooting live rounds), it’s his extracurricular activities; the doctor tells him that if he wants to have a baby, he has to give up mudding! Louis assures Sheila that he can make the sacrifice, but the first sign of stress has him running for the soothing embrace of his precious mud. Sheila comes down on Louis -- she will be giving up so many things to have this baby, and if he can’t make one small sacrifice too then maybe he isn’t ready to start a family. Realizing he’s being selfish, Louis vows to give up his mudding membership. Having a family is far more important to him than a little mud.

Harvey Embraces Forgiveness

Harvey’s mother convinces him not to give up on his brother; Marcus forgave both Lily and Harvey once, and now Harvey should do the same for him. Harvey tells Marcus that the only way to keep his kids will be to twist the facts to paint Katie as an unfit mother, but Marcus refuses -- as he tells Harvey, the best closer in New York needs to find another way. So instead, Harvey convinces Katie that Marcus still loves her, and whether or not they give their marriage a second chance, Marcus deserves another shot at being a dad.

Sam Gets It Right

Joy is furious that Alex has forbidden her to work with Sam, but Sam sets her straight, letting her know that her dad only has her best interest at heart, and that she wishes she had someone looking out for her as a kid. In the end, Joy starts to come around on her father, which leaves Alex grateful to Sam -- so grateful, in fact, that he decides to tell her about his own name-partner promise from Harvey. Sam and Alex both agree that neither one wants to back down, or make way for the other, so they just shake hands. Looks like the game is officially on.