Revenue Per Square Foot
S8 episode 4 Aired on August 8, 2018

It was a tense week in the offices of ZSL, as Alex found himself in the middle of an argument between Harvey and Robert. Meanwhile, Louis works through the trauma of a harrowing ordeal. It’s all here in our rundown of Suits episode 804, “Revenue Per Square Foot.”

Alex Eyes the Future

Sam’s recent revelation has Alex worried that his own shot at name partnership may be slipping away. He puts it to Harvey, bluntly: when the times comes, will Harvey stand up to Zane and make good on his promise? Unfortunately, Harvey’s advice to sit tight and wait it out does little to ease Alex’s troubled mind.

Louis Gets Mugged

Louis is brutally mugged and beaten on the way to a meeting with one of his oldest clients, but he swears Gretchen to secrecy about the shocking event for fear that he will look weak. Unfortunately, Robert assumes Louis pulled a no-show on the meeting, and he gives the client to Sam in order to send a message.

Stuck in the Middle

Harvey helps Alex land a new client to boost Alex’s standing with Robert, but the move unintentionally lands Alex in the middle of a pissing match between the two name partners - see, Robert thinks the way they signed their client has more than a whiff of bad faith, and he doesn’t like the optics. But Harvey doesn’t like being told who he can and can’t sign, and he refuses to back down. Things only get worse for Alex when Robert comes to him with an ultimatum: drop the client, or he’ll never make name partner.

Alex Comes Out on Top

There seems to be no path to victory for Alex. Disobey Robert and he kisses name partnership goodbye; but drop the client and piss off Harvey…and he’ll most likely kiss name partnership goodbye. The situation has Alex talking job prospects with Holly Cromwell, leading to another blow up between Harvey and Robert over just who is calling the shots, and how. In the end, Alex disobeys both of them (he’s no one’s “yes” man) and comes through with a third option that sidesteps the bad faith issue and still nets the firm a new big money client. But he also lets it be known that he won’t be put in the middle of their turf battle again, and that Harvey and Robert need to work their shit out.

Donna Convinces Robert to Speak Softly

Robert’s attempt to put his colleagues in their place - giving Louis’ client to Sam; butting heads with Harvey and threatening Alex’s job; giving Donna busy work to make her toe the line - has everyone on edge. Donna does her Donna thing and convinces him that if he doesn’t want another group of partners to eventually stab him in the back (a la Rand and Caldor) he might consider softening up; sometimes he needs to put them in their place, but sometimes he just needs to let them do what they do.

Louis Works Through His Trauma

Louis convinces Sam to let him work the case with her in an attempt to take his client back, but his refusal to face his recent traumatic experience has consequences. Louis suffers a flashback in court and nearly winds up losing the case, and then subjects Sam to an angry outburst when she demands answers. It’s only when Harvey reaches out to him (at Sam’s suggestion) that Louis finally opens up about the ordeal. His colleagues rally around him to lend him strength - Zane opens up about his own experience on the other side of a mugging, and Sam shows up at his house and vows to teach himself defense.