Promises, Promises
S8 episode 3 Aired on August 1, 2018

Harvey’s good deed puts him on a collision course with the firm’s landlord, David Fox. Meanwhile, Alex butts heads with Sam over the Gavin Andrews deal, and a medical condition jeopardizes Katrina’s shot at Senior Partner. Check out our guide for the full rundown on Suits episode 803, “Promises, Promises.”

Harvey’s Pro Bono

Harvey promises his aid to the firm’s cleaning woman, Anna, who can’t cover her mother’s medical bills because her employer isn’t paying her overtime. Unfortunately, Anna’s employer is also ZSL’s landlord, David Fox, who has previously proven to be a tough customer. Harvey promises Robert he’ll tread lightly but things quickly get out of hand, and Fox retaliates by withholding crucial building services. Thankfully, Donna steps in and convinces Harvey to give Anna’s case to the clinic before the situation gets worse for the firm.

Alex and Sam Butt Heads Again

Alex’s attempt to land Gavin Andrews gets complicated when Sam goes after Gavin’s biggest competitor, Delta Airlines. Furious, Alex accuses Sam of betrayal, but Sam thinks it’s really more like a taste of his own medicine for going after her old client… and besides, she warned Alex that Gavin Andrews was trouble. But Alex won’t hear it and calls on Louis to step in and get Sam to step off.

Katrina Gets a Shot at Senior Partner

Katrina must take Brian under her wing on a case in order to prove herself Senior Partner material. But Katrina is laid low by migraines, leaving Brian unprepared to handle a meeting with a client. Louis, unaware of Katrina’s affliction, comes down on Brian hard -- this was Brian’s chance to prove himself after almost being fired, and instead of stepping up, he shat the proverbial bed! Brian shakes it off and rises to the occasion, keeping Katrina’s condition a secret while helping her prepare for trial. Katrina is so impressed that she lets Brian handle the trial in order to redeem himself. She also comes clean to Louis about what has been going on, but the way he sees it, she managed the hell out of the situation -- she’s definitely Senior Partner material!

Harvey Has a Mike Moment

Harvey goes to the clinic but can’t bring himself to drop the case. Meanwhile, Fox steps up his campaign of aggression by shutting down the firm’s elevators and firing Anna. Harvey is furious but Robert, Louis, and even Donna step in to put their foot down -- this is not the kind of work they do and it’s starting to impact their real business. Of course, Donna knows what’s really going on: Harvey misses Mike. Donna suggests Harvey call Mike for help, but Harvey just asks himself “What would Mike do?” and comes up with a solution on his own. Then he sends Donna in to negotiate with David Fox, knowing she’s a better fit to close the deal than he is. Donna gets Fox to agree hire Anna back and pay all of the cleaning staff overtime, in exchange for Harvey providing Fox legal services for a year. 

Sam Rescues Alex

With Sam out of the way, it doesn’t take long for Alex to lock in Gavin’s business, but when Gavin puts Alex in a bad position (as Sam warned he might -- it turns out Gavin had done something similar to her in the past), Alex must turn to his would-be competitor for help in flipping the script on the slippery CEO. With Sam’s help, Alex puts Gavin in his place, but their brief camaraderie is overshadowed by Sam’s revelation that Robert promised her name would go up on the wall next.