S8 episode 16 Aired on February 27, 2019

As Daniel Hardman moves in for the kill, Harvey and Louis mount their defense. Will it be enough to protect the firm? Meanwhile, Robert struggles with a weight on his conscience. It’s the season 8 finale, and it’s a big one -- check out our full rundown of Suits episode 816, “Harvey.”

No way out for Harvey and Louis

Louis and Harvey mount their defense, but no amount of fact-twisting can change the truth: Harvey broke privilege. Daniel has them dead to rights, and he’ll stop at nothing to see Harvey disbarred. Louis and Harvey try to bargain their way out but there isn’t a deal sweet enough to get Simon Lowe to drop his suit, and Thomas won’t perjure himself to protect them. Harvey tries to bargain with Hardman man to man, but Daniel makes it clear that the only way he’ll drop his suit is if Harvey resigns and puts Hardman’s name back on the wall.

Robert works another angle

Robert leans on his years of friendship with Hardman in the hopes of brokering a peace, but it soon becomes clear that Hardman will settle for nothing less than taking Harvey down. However, Robert dangles an alternative: if he can convince his old firm to take Hardman on as a name partner, will he drop the case? Hardman in intrigued, but convincing Rand and Kaldor will be another matter. It turns out that Eric Kaldor would be amenable to the arrangement… but only on the condition that Robert retire. In other words, no deal. 

Hardman goes nuclear

Harvey and Louis run an end around and convince Pierrepont’s chairwoman to axe Simon, fire Hardman, and drop the suit, but Hardman triggers an ethics hearing in retaliation -- vengeance is in his reach, he’s not letting Harvey slip through his fingers so easily. With nowhere left to run, the team is left to ruminate on the decisions that brought them to this point, and consider what they will say when they are called to testify before the ethics board.

The Harvey and Donna question

All the soul-searching leads both Donna and Harvey to cast a fresh eye on their relationship again. Harvey pays a surprise call on Thomas to ask that when the time comes he point the finger at Harvey in order to protect Donna at all costs. The visit leads Thomas to ask Donna who, exactly, Harvey is to her, but she is far from sure.

Robert’s heavy conscience

Robert’s conscience weighs heavy with something he did years ago: as it turns out, Robert manufactured evidence to put away a mugger who attacked Sam, but the mugger wound up being murdered in his cell. Hoping to ease his troubled mind, Robert turns to Alex for advice but there are no easy answers. However, as the ethics hearing draws near, Robert eventually hits on a plan to make up for what he did, and he asks Alex to help him carry it out… 

Two surprises

As the ethics hearing kicks off, Daniel swiftly moves in for the kill, but everyone is caught off guard when Robert steps up to take the fall for Harvey, stating that he was the one who broke privilege. Robert loses his license, but a weight is lifted from his shoulders. Later, Robert reveals the truth to Sam about what happened to her mugger and, during a tearful goodbye, encourages her to lean on her new family at the firm. Meanwhile, Harvey grapples with what Robert has done. A conversation with Sam leads to an epiphany, and he rushes to Donna’s apartment. Donna opens the door and they wordlessly embrace each other and kiss, their passion giving voice to the years of unspoken feelings between them as Donna leads him back to her bedroom.