Stalking Horse
S8 episode 15 Aired on February 20, 2019

A good deal for Thomas Kessler soon brings unintended headaches for the firm. Meanwhile, Louis faces the man who mugged him, while Katrina gives Brian his own client. It’s all here in our guide to Suits episode 815, “Stalking Horse.” 

A Good Deal Goes Bad

Thomas Kessler is excited at the prospect of a big expansion deal moving ahead, but an even bigger opportunity seemingly falls into his lap when Harvey’s client Simon Lowe, CEO of Pierrepont Malls, offers Thomas an amazing deal to be the home goods anchor in his shopping centers. Alex quickly flags a conflict of interest, and it isn’t long before Simon and Thomas are shaking hands and drafting a press release. But it’s too good to be true; it turns out that Simon was using Thomas as a stalking horse to get another company back to negotiations. Harvey is furious that Simon would deal in such bad faith, but Simon doesn’t care, and as he points out, Harvey can’t say anything due to attorney/client privilege.

Louis Leans on Sam

Sam helps Louis wrestle with feelings of powerlessness when he agrees to testify in court against the man who mugged him. Despite Louis’ testimony, the mugger is set free on a technicality, leading Sam to suggest that Louis’ only path to peace of mind will be to take justice into his own hands. Plagued by dreams of his assailant coming after the ones he loves, Louis eventually gives Sam the green light to do what must be done (even if it’s illegal). However, Robert warns Sam about the cost of painting outside legal lines -- he is still haunted by the things they did eight years prior when Sam faced a similar situation.

Brian Makes a Choice

Katrina gives Brian his own client as part of her plan for the two to work together without working too closely. However, Katrina is still drawn into the case and takes an uncharacteristic gamble to help Brain clinch a victory. Their win once again confirms their working chemistry -- but when Brian’s wife’s suspicions are aroused, it brings him to the realization that he can’t shut off his feelings for Katrina; the only way to preserve his marriage will be to leave the firm. Heartbroken, Katrina realizes she must let him go. Louis, too, understands that Brian must leave for the sake of his family, and allows him to take his new client with him.

Harvey Asks Donna to Have Faith

Harvey is bound to secrecy, but that doesn’t stop him from letting Alex know that they need to do what it takes to get Thomas’ original expansion deal back or get Simon’s other prospect to go away. Meanwhile, when Donna starts asking questions about Thomas’ deal, Harvey hesitantly reveals the truth and promises he can fix the situation… but only if she doesn’t tell Thomas what is going on. Donna agrees to keep quiet and give Harvey and Alex the time they need, but the thought of Thomas losing his shot at expansion eventually becomes too much to bear, and Donna spills the beans.

Louis Faces His Attacker

Sam heeds Robert’s words and comes up with a new plan -- they’ll threaten the mugger with a housing loophole that could lead to him losing his daughter unless he confesses to his crime. Louis is appalled at the thought of tearing a family apart, but decides to do what must be done to protect his own growing family. Sam and Louis confront the mugger and, using his daughter as leverage, get him to confess. But while it seems Louis is safe again, Robert still isn’t pleased, and he warns Sam that this habit if taking matters into her own hands could eventually come back to bite her one day.

Unintended Consequences for the Firm

Donna’s choice sets of a chain reaction as Thomas angrily tells Alex he’ll be taking a deal with his original landlord and sending out a press release, which has consequences for Simon’s deal. Furious, Simon rightly guesses Harvey broke privilege, and he doesn’t hesitate to fire him. Later, Donna tries to explain her side of the story to Harvey, but he doesn’t want to hear it; she lost faith in him, and it hurts. To make matters worse, their conversation is interrupted by Daniel Hardman -- he’s been retained by Simon, who is suing the firm, and he plans to make Harvey pay.