Peas in a Pod
S8 episode 14 Aired on February 13, 2019

Personal and professional lines are blurred as Louis defends Dr. Lipschitz in a malpractice suit, while Alex must go to uncomfortable lengths to defend the maker of life-saving insulin-regulator from a wrongful death suit. Meanwhile, old feelings are churned up when Dana Scott returns with a case against the firm. We’ve got the whole story in our rundown of Suits Episode 814, “Peas in a Pod.”

Sam Crosses Paths With Scottie

Katrina must help Sam find a way for her client to wiggle out of a recently negotiated contract (not exactly legal, but Katrina owes her). However, things get uncomfortable when it turns out that Sam is going up against Dana Scott, who uses Sam’s propensity for dirty tricks to get the the judge on her side. Realizing Sam is out for blood, Harvey goes behind her back to offer Scottie a deal, but Scottie rejects it -- a move she soon regrets when Sam makes it clear that her instincts are telling her there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Louis Defends Dr. Lipschitz

A malpractice suit by one of Stan Lipschitz’s patients, Craig Boyd, puts the good doctor’s career on the line, so Louis keeps pressing until his cherished psychiatrist agrees to let him handle the case. Dr. Lipschitz will only do it under two conditions, though, one of which is that Louis keep his emotions in check. Louis manages to control himself when opposing counsel rejects his settlement offer, but Dr. Lipschitz objects to Louis’ plan to secure victory by putting Craig Boyd on the stand -- Lipschitz would rather lose his license than subject his unstable patient to a grilling in court that could lead to a mental break, or possibly worse.

More Than Meets the Eye

It isn’t long before Sam and Katrina uncover fraudulent activity on the part of Scottie’s client, the type of stuff that could send people to jail. Katrina thinks they should use the information as leverage for a settlement, but Sam is hell-bent on revenge, even if Scottie’s career is ruined in the process. Meanwhile, Scottie shows up at Donna’s door to beg her to go to Harvey for help -- it turns out she knew about the fraud (that’s why she couldn’t take Harvey’s settlement offer!) but she has been trying to keep it under wraps in order to save the jobs of hundreds of innocent workers. Donna decides to help, but only if Scottie agrees to stay from the firm (or is it Harvey?) when all is said and done.

Alex’s Moral Quandary

Alex faces a moral dilemma when defending a manufacturer of life saving insulin-regulating machines means laying the blame for a woman’s death at the feet of her grieving husband. Things only get more complicated when his client asks him to bury an internal report that points to a glitchy software update as the probable culprit. Luckily, Gretchen reminds Alex that it’s never too late to do the right thing, and he manages to work out a hefty settlement that allows the widower to start a foundation in his wife’s name while also keeping his client afloat so that their product can continue to save lives.

Sam Finds a Middle Ground

Donna persuades Harvey to go to bat for Scottie, but Sam is not so receptive to Harvey’s settlement pitch -- it’s Katrina who gets Sam to see that winning doesn’t have to mean taking down Scottie’s career (and innocent people’s jobs) over a grudge. Scottie calls Donna to thank her, and to let her know that she’ll be abiding by her promise to stay away from the firm… and Harvey. 

Louis Wins Twice

Louis puzzles over how to win his case while still abiding by his promise to Stan. After a talk with Donna, he approaches Craig -- not as opposing counsel but as a fellow patient -- and convinces him that keeping Dr. Lipschitz in his life will help him far more than any settlement ever could. With his career secured, Dr. Lipschitz calls Louis to discuss the second condition: that Louis transition to a new therapist once the case is over, as Stan feels that this personal revelation has compromised their doctor-patient relationship. But once again, Louis controls his emotions and convinces Dr. Lipschitz that his biggest breakthroughs have always come when Stan reveals something of his own life, and this time is no different. Lipschitz agrees to keep seeing Louis.

Donna’s Relationship Is Revealed

With the myriad moral dilemmas taking place around the firm, Donna still finds time to tell Louis that she is seeing Thomas Kessler. Louis couldn’t be happier for Donna, but he also wants to know when she will tell Harvey. Donna assures him that telling Harvey is on her list, but it turns out that the reveal will come sooner than she expected -- Thomas shows up at the firm in anticipation of their date, letting the cat out of the bag… and leaving Harvey feeling surprisingly lost.