The Greater Good
S8 episode 13 Aired on February 6, 2019

Harvey and Donna help Stu deal with a blackmailer, and Katrina makes things worse in the Brian situation. Meanwhile, Katrina makes a misstep as she and Brian try to untangle their work life, and a figure from Sam’s past opens an old wound. It’s all here in our guide to Suits episode 813, “The Greater Good.”

Stu Gets Blackmailed

Stu Buzzini drops the bad news that the Teddy Doyle trade has come back to bite them; a trader named Nick Pavonatti has learned the truth and is using it to blackmail his way into Stu’s job. Harvey does everything in his power to bluff Nick into backing down, even calling in favors from both Kevin Miller and Sean Cahill (Cahill is not amused, and tells Harvey he could have him arrested). However, the cocky trader remains unfazed, and things only get worse when Nick learns that Harvey and Donna had a hand in the trade.

Sam Takes an Emotional Case

Sam gets a surprise visit from Judy, the woman who had fostered Sam until she was taken away after a run-in with the law. Judy recently took the rap when one of her current kids, Corey, got busted with pills, and now she’s in danger of losing her fostering license. Sam tries to negotiate with the prosecutor in the case, who sees very clearly what is going on and won’t deal unless Judy admits the truth. But Judy refuses to give up on Corey because she regrets what happened with Sam all those years ago - it turns out that Sam wasn’t taken; Judy let her go for the good of her other kids. The news is a gut punch for Sam, who decides to walk away from the case.

Katrina and Brian Find a Way Forward

Katrina’s decision to cut Brian from the Adored case without telling him leads to a huge argument - Katrina may have done it for the right reasons, but being unceremoniously dumped makes Brian look terrible. As Donna later tells Katrina, Brian’s career stands to take a big hit if Katrina just removes him as her associate. Katrina and Brian find a way to put hurt feelings aside and come up with a solution that will be mutually beneficial.

Sam Reconsiders

Robert encourages Sam to stick with Judy. Sam mends fences with Judy - she was upset that Judy lied to her, not that she let her go all those years ago - and convinces her to let Corey take responsibility for his actions for the good of Judy’s other kids. Sam then uses her own story of redemption to convince the prosecutor to go easy on Corey so that he has a shot at making something of his life the way Sam did.

Nick Calls Their Bluff

With Nick standing firm and Harvey and Donna now in his cross hairs, it looks more and more as if Stu may have to step down. Donna sends Alex to press Nick one more time, but Nick calls their bluff and marches straight into Sean Cahill’s office to lay out his case against Stu, Harvey and Donna. But it turns out he played right into Harvey and Donna’s hands - as Sean explains to Nick, blackmail is just as much a crime as stock manipulation, and if he’s prosecuting one, he’s prosecuting both. Nick backs down and Harvey lets him know he’s fired - they win! But Cahill also warns Harvey that his favors have just run out.

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