Whale Hunt
S8 episode 12 Aired on January 30, 2019

Harvey and Louis butt heads over how to land a new client. Meanwhile, Donna says yes to her new suitor, Alex gets stuck between his wife and Sam, and Katrina and Brian wrestle with their feelings for each other. Check out our guide to Suits episode 812, “Whale Hunt.”

Harvey and Louis butt heads

Louis tasks Harvey with landing a whale, so Harvey sets his sights on eco-car mogul Stephen Palmer. Stephen plays hard to get -- leading Harvey to lie to Louis -- and when Louis meddles in Harvey’s affairs and learns the truth, tempers flare on both sides. Things only get worse when Harvey and Louis both show up to a charity poker tournament thrown by Stephen, each with the intention of closing the deal themselves. Tensions come to boil, and business is forgotten as Harvey and Louis set their sights on each other. And though Louis puts up a strong fight, Harvey eventually gets in his head and humiliates him at the card table.

Katrina and Brian have a moment

Katrina and Brian take on the case of a woman’s fragrance company whose biggest competitor is knocking off their products. But while their working chemistry continues to make them a formidable team, their unspoken romantic chemistry gets harder and harder to deny, and they share a “moment.” Donna counsels Katrina to stay away from Brian if temptation is too great, but Katrina finds that easier said than done; he’s her associate, after all.

Alex in the middle

Alex asks to be left out of the loop when his wife Rosalee taps Sam for help with a case -- Alex and Rosalee’s past legal disagreements have been explosive, so for the sake of his relationship he wants to stay out of it. Sam and Rosalee make a great team, but when they wind up arguing over a settlement offer, Sam begs Alex to step in and change Rosalee’s mind. However, after hearing Rosalee out, Alex comes down on her side, and tells Sam she needs to accept Rosalee’s decision (even if it goes against Sam’s legal instincts).

Feelings nearly derail the case

A research session at Brian’s apartment leads to another moment between Katrina and Brian, but they won’t address the elephant in the room. It’s only when their unspoken feelings bubble up during a deposition and derail the case that things finally come to a head. But while they both agree they can’t act on their feelings for each other, only Katrina is brave enough to state the obvious: Brian can’t be her associate anymore.

Donna dates!

After some encouragement from Gretchen, Donna decides to say ‘yes’ to a date with Thomas Kessler. Her exciting evening is almost derailed, though, when Louis throws a tantrum about Donna finding him a whale to close. Luckily, Gretchen talks some sense to Donna -- she’s put the firm first too many times; it’s time to have a night for her -- and she keeps her date. And good thing, too, because the early hints of chemistry between Donna and Thomas proved true. So true, that Donna invites Thomas up to her apartment!

Harvey and Louis make amends

Louis angrily blames Harvey for jeopardizing their business and demands Donna cancel her plans so she can find him a bigger whale than Stephen in order to prove he is a better closer. Furious that Harvey and Louis’s childishness might cause Donna to miss her date with Thomas, Gretchen gives Harvey a verbal smack upside the head and tells him to deal with his issues like a grown up. Meanwhile, Robert acts as the voice of reason and tells Louis that Harvey is just treating him the way he treated every other managing partner before him. Louis and Harvey both come to their senses and make amends (while both admitting that something like this will most likely happen again).