Rocky 8
S8 episode 11 Aired on January 23, 2019

Louis is pushed out of his comfort zone in his new role as Managing Partner. Meanwhile, Harvey and Robert look for revenge against an old foe, and the fallout from Sam’s loss to Alex puts Katrina in a tough spot. Check out our guide to Suits episode 811, “Rocky 8.”

Out for Revenge

Looking for some payback in Jessica’s name, Harvey and Robert take on Andrew Malik in the case of a boxing promoter accused of fight fixing. Harvey’s plan is to prove the promotor’s innocence and make Malik look like a fool in the process. However, things get complicated when they discover that one of the fighters took a dive in order to orchestrate a big payout for his family after he learned that years of fighting have left him with brain damage.

Louis Learns the Ropes

Not wanting to let down a longtime client, Louis assures high-end furniture company CEO Thomas Kessler that he will personally get him out of a bad contract that could sink his business AND find him a new general counsel. However, Donna points out that Louis’s job is bigger than his personal clients now; if he’s going to be an effective Managing Partner, then he needs to learn to delegate. Seeing the wisdom in Donna’s words, Louis agrees to let her handle finding Kessler a new general counsel and farms out the contract issue to Alex.

A New Suitor for Donna?

Donna gets to work finding a new general counsel for Thomas Kessler, but when it becomes obvious that there is more to their meetings than business as usual, Kessler musters the courage to ask Donna out to dinner. Donna demurs -- she can’t date someone she’s working with -- but she also doesn’t mind when Kessler tells her he plans on asking her again. 

Katrina Stands Up for Herself

Sam confronts Katrina for her part in Alex’s victory and demands that she tank her own client’s case in order to help Dexhart Insurance make up for their sizable losses. Fearing Sam’s wrath, Katrina complies, but a talk with Donna makes Katrina realize she doesn’t want to be the type of lawyer who just rolls over. Katrina goes back to Sam with a more legal solution, and a promise that she owes her one. Katrina also confronts Alex about the awkward position he put her in -- and lets him know that HE owes her one for her help. 

Growing Pains for Louis

When Louis learns that Alex’s plan to save Kessler’s business would bifurcate the company, he takes the case back. Meanwhile, Harvey and Robert’s case against Malik causes some bad press for the firm, but Louis refuses to step in. It’s only when Donna gives Louis a dose of tough love that he realizes he needs to step up and steer the ship. That means letting Alex do his job as he sees fit while pulling the reins on Harvey and Robert before they cause any more damage.

Louis Steps In

Robert wants to cut a deal for the guilty fighter -- what he did, he did for family -- but Harvey wants to throw him under the bus in order to take down Malik. Louis steps in and tells them he won’t let either one of them jeopardize the firm over a vendetta. He comes up with a plan that gets the promoter off the hook and cuts a deal for the fighter – while securing vengeance for Jessica by forcing Malik to make a public apology for going after an innocent man. Malik can’t do anything but swallow it… but he warns Harvey and Robert to watch their backs.