Managing Partner
S8 episode 10 Aired on September 19, 2018

As Alex and Sam battle for name partnership, their fight threatens to break the firm in two. Check out our guide to the Suits summer finale, “Managing Partner.”

Alex and Sam Fight for Name Partnership

The ground rules are laid down and Alex and Sam come out swinging. Sam draws first blood, ripping into Gavin on the stand and painting him as a duplicitous schemer who had the painting destroyed to turn a profit. Alex hits backs just as hard, accusing Dexhart’s CEO of using the suit to settle a personal grudge.

Big Developments for Sheila and Louis

A potential promotion becomes a point of contention when Sheila is offered a position as Interim Dean, with the possibility of the job becoming full time. Proud though Louis is, he doesn’t see how Sheila will be able to make time for a baby with such a demanding job, but Sheila doesn’t see why her life can’t accommodate both. It’s only when Katrina suggests that Louis be the one to make more time that things lock into place, and he decides to ratchet down his duties at the firm if, and when, the baby comes. And just in time, too, because Sheila has big news -- she’s pregnant!

Sam Gets Cranky, Gavin Gets Dirty

Looking for an edge, Sam asks Robert to bury files that may point to wrongdoing on the part of Dexhart, then applies what she knows from years of doing Gavin Andrews’ dirty work to find the smoking gun that proves his guilt. Backed against a wall, Gavin convinces Sam to give him a day to make things right and avoid a public spectacle that would shame his family, but instead of paying what he owes he compiles a list of ethical violations Sam engaged in as his attorney and tells Alex that if he doesn’t use it to get Sam to back off then he will take the list to the bar himself and ruin Sam’s career.

A Flashback to Sam and Robert’s Start

Flashback to Sam’s early days as a young attorney at Jarvis, Ellis and Green. An investigation into money laundering at the firm put Sam in a tough position between the feds and the name partners. Unsure of who to trust, Sam struck a tentative alliance with Robert, but she soon uncovered evidence that he may have been the one up to no good. When Robert claimed he was set up to take the fall by the name partners, Sam decided to believe him, and she helped him orchestrate the coup that pushed out Jarvis, Ellis, and Green and ushered in the Rand, Caldor, Zane era. More than grateful, Robert promised to look out for Sam from then on out.

Sam Loses the Battle but Won’t Give Up the War

With both Sam’s career and his own name partnership in the balance, Alex persuades Harvey to use Katrina to help him get his hands on the buried Dexhart files. It’s the trump card Alex needs to clinch victory, but while Sam may have lost the case she won’t accept losing name partnership (even after Alex informs her he saved her career). Sam goes to Robert and leans on their shared history to convince him to break his word to Harvey and put her name up instead of Alex’s.

A New Order – and Two Name Partners

Donna worries about the future of the firm as first Harvey, then Robert and finally Katrina are pulled into Alex and Sam’s fight. Realizing that Robert’s decision to break his word could be the final straw, Donna goes to Louis with a daring plan: Louis will take control of the firm, with Donna’s backing, to avoid an all-out war. And while Louis is hesitant -- he just made the decision to step back and concentrate on being a father -- he can see the firm needs him. And not a moment too soon, as Harvey does not take it well when Robert informs him of his plan to put Sam’s name up. Louis and Donna make a show of force to take control before things get out of hand, and Louis announces his first act will be to promote both Alex AND Sam at the same time. And while Sam doesn’t like it, Robert convinces her it’s time to stop fighting and accept that they have found a new home.