S7 episode 9 Aired on September 6, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

This week, Mike inadvertently puts Harvey in the crosshairs of a figure from his past with a serious axe to grind. Meanwhile, Louis tries to push aside his feelings for Sheila by putting his energy into mentoring Brian, and Rachel works with her father on a pro bono case that means more to him than he’s letting on. It’s all here in our recap for Suits episode 709, “Shame.” 

Mike Wants to Put Harvey Back on Top

Mike feels guilty that Harvey’s been on the defensive ever since he came back to the firm, and he’s got a plan to put him back on top: by taking on Andrew Malick, the new Deputy Attorney General who’s been making waves by cleaning up Wall Street, and wiping the floor with him. Harvey certainly likes the idea of flexing on some young hot shot, but he doesn’t want to put one of their clients in jeopardy to do it. Good thing Mike already signed a new client who was in Malick’s cross hairs, putting Harvey and the new AG on a collision course. Game on. 

Louis Avoids His Feelings

Ashamed of his indiscretion with Sheila, Louis tells Gretchen to cancel his appointment with Dr. Lipschitz and pours his energy into mentoring Brian on a patent infringement case. When Brian loses his cool after opposing counsel questions his parenting ability, Louis tries to teach the young associate to harness all that beautiful anger and direct it into the case. But Louis is still consumed with thoughts of Sheila and doesn’t check his mentee’s work, and when Brian leaves them open to a serious countersuit in his rage state, Louis unleashes an anger tornado of his own and rips Brian a new one.

Harvey’s History With Malick

Mike and Harvey pay Andrew Malick a visit and it does not go well -- it turns out that Malick worked in the DA’s office during Harvey’s tenure as Cameron Dennis’ protege, and Malick definitely thinks Harvey spent his time kiss-assing his way up the chain while he had to grind out long hours. (It doesn’t help that Harvey didn’t even remember the guy!) Mike and Donna think Harvey should avoid this one because it’s clearly about to get personal, but maybe they should have thought of that before they picked a fight with a guy who has a Harvey-sized chip on his shoulder!

Gretchen to the Rescue

Tired of all the B.S., Gretchen tells Louis to get a handle on his feelings or she’ll handle them for him (by knocking him out), and tells Brian to clean up his own mess when the angry associate tries to badmouth Louis and resign. Brian finds a way to turn the case around, and he and Louis come to an understanding. But Gretchen hasn’t finished working her magic: she brings Dr. Lipschitz in, Louis finally admits that he’s still in love with Sheila, and the two agree that it’s time for him to find a way to stop lashing out at everyone around him. 

Malick Makes Things Personal

Malick goes straight for the jugular during deposition and makes it clear that he’s eager to draw blood -- maybe too eager? Malick is caught on tape saying he doesn’t care if their client is guilty or innocent, and Harvey and Mike use it to persuade the judge that Malick is just looking for another notch on his belt. But Malick hits back by accusing Harvey of burying evidence, and while he may not have any proof of his claim, Malick damn sure knows that if he can prove that Harvey has done it before then the judge will believe that Harvey would do it again. And to make his case, the conniving AG subpoenas the one person who knows all of Harvey’s secrets -- Donna.

Zane and Zane Team Up

Wanting to spend time with his daughter, Robert Zane invites Rachel to work a pro bono case, taking on a bank with a penchant for predatory lending practices involving people of color. Rachel enjoys the bonding experience, but when her father flies off the handle during a deposition, she starts to suspect that there’s more to the case than he first lets on. It turns out that Robert’s sister once worked for the bank’s CEO, who made her life a living hell. Robert couldn’t do anything about it at the time, but seeing Mike put everything on the line for the prison case has made him want to finally right that wrong. Rachel is touched, and suggests that they regroup and rethink their strategy. 

Preparing for the Battle To Come

Everyone knows that Malick’s deposition of Donna won’t be pretty, which is why they need Louis to prepare her by running her through a mock deposition. But Louis isn’t too keen on the idea; the last time they did something like this it led to many, many hurt feelings, and it’s only when Donna convinces him that he needs to protect her by putting her through the ringer that he agrees. Looks like things are about to get even more personal -- let’s just hope they can come back from this one.